Whats the word on the German Police Sig p6's that are here

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    Noticed a ton of German Police Sig Sauer P6 (225) guns coming over the pond our way. I am debating on getting one that was made during my month of birth. Found a dealer in that has them with case, mag pouch, 2 mags, holster and german manual for around 310$ shipped to my FFL.

    Would you guys jump on that?
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    I was contemplating those locally here, but, I need to finish my ARs and Saiga conversions first.

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    Re: Whats the word on the German Police Sig p6's that are he

    aimsurplus has them for $259. the ones i've seen usually have a lot of holster wear on the slides. only bad thing outside the finish wear is that the older p6 barrels might not feed hollow points. the p225 barrels will. other than that, they are a steal at under $300.
  4. The only thing that makes me not get super excited about one is the fact that they really aren't compact pistols. They are midsized and not all that compact considering that they are single stack. They are more along the size of a double stack in width.

    If they were a bit thinner, I would be all over one like pig on poop. I still might get one but not too sure yet.
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    i bought one and am totally satisfied with it. You have to know what you are getting though. Most people expect them to be in excellent condition as they are police guns. They are not. They have finish wear in most if not all cases, and they have been shot quite a bit. Mine has lots of wear on the slide but the frame loks almost new. The barrel looks 95% or better and does excellent at the range from 7 to 50 yards. i can shoot 3" groups or less under 10 yards and hit a man sized target almost every time at 50 yards.

    If you want an inxepensive, accurate gun and you're not worried about looks or hi cap mags its a good gun. If you want massive mag capacity and flawless finsih its proably not for you.

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    Sigs are kinda infamous for their exaggeratedly wide grips. If you don't like wide grips, then stay away from Sigs in general.