What's Wrong with Teenagers?

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    Kids are getting off too easy for the crimes they commit. This wasn't a prank. this was out and out criminal behavior and ALL kids should know better. There was a time kids wouldn't dream of doing this ya they did harmless pranks and everyone had a good laugh but kids were taught to respect other people and property or if they didn't they got what they deserved and no one was screaming child abuse or laws that said they couldn't get a swat on their A##

  2. The pooping part was funny, they rest was just stupid. Not that crapping in a bank isnt stupid, but well you knowwhat I mean. Kids are stupid, this one a little more so then the average.
  3. The saddest part of all is I have a nephew whom I wouldn't put something like this past.
    I really think they do it for shock value.
    I would have gotten the ever-lovin' shyte beat out of me for something like that.

  4. Ain't that the friggin truth!? What a retard... I swear someone should lock up his parents. Of course, "It takes a village to raise an idiot".... Anyone?
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    We aren't all that bad... please no anti teen laws... please.
  6. I say we make a call for a ITB (ignorant teen ban)! Round up all them evil little s#$&$ and send em off to where they belong.... Mexico.
  7. No Comment! :D :) :( :eek: :shock: :? 8) :lol: :cry: :oops: :p :x :roll: :wink: :!:
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    He tried to smash in the ATM to get the cash...I worked at a bank for a few months...those machines are 3-4ft thick, and the cash is of course far at the back...

    I hate how kids get away with this kinda shit. Im only 21, and even I wouldve been facing jail time at his age...
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    A note to all forum members, please do not let the behavior of stupid teenagers reflect onto your opinion of me :| And I honestly believe there are some people who just shouldnt be alllowed to breed because their offspring turns out like this.
  10. Who knew that Hitler's selective breeding program would turn out to be a good idea 60 years later? Not me.... J/K!

    Teenagers are cool as long as they are mentored properly from their PARENTS! Holy crap people, take an interest in your child's life and maybe you won't have to wonder "What went wrong with that Kid? That's not MY son/daughter!"


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    No worries here, mate: I give everyone equal respect. Once that trust is broken, and a person acts an "South part of a north pointing Mule"..., that is gone. Doesnt matter your age, paintjob, or heritage. Act out of line, you are in a disfavorable light from there, amigo.
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    I think we should have mandatory military service term like Israel. I know I was a real jerk before I went into the military. I learned a lot an it really helped my attitude.
  15. its the parents. they are too bussy with them selves to give a shyt about what their kids are doing or are afraid that if the punish them kids (not send them to their room with a TV and computer) but to smack the shit out of them.

    im 21, i grew up in a very loving house, but when i did mess up, i got a deserved punishment. i swore, i got spanked with a leather belt or had to EAT a peice of soap. when i ditched school mid day and went out with friend and didn't call or anything until 5 hours later. needless to say, when i arrived home i only had a bed and nightstand left in my room. no more TV, computer, CD player, stereo, nothing and it was that way for over a month.

    parents need to not be afraid of what will happen to them for punishment for their missbehaving children.

    i think its horriable that parents cant smack their kids or spank them because they get a criminal charge now. its total BS. i say it now and i will do it then, if my kids act up they WILL be smacked and punished accordingly. and it will differ between a girl and boy for me.
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    I agree. My kid will have discipline.
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    Nothing teaches respect like an angry drill sargeant and hostile fire.
  18. How about a hacked off dad and a knock upside the head? And no TV/PS3/Xbox 360/ or any other form of entertainment for the next 2 months? If you do it again, you dont get your stuff back for 4 months and the next time is a year. Oh, and you can't go to your friends house while you are grounded.... Sorry buddy, they can come over as long as you are in your room, quiet with the DOOR OPEN.

    Thems the breaks when I was a kid.... My kid won't be getting anything different...
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    heh, I didn't have any video games between ages 14-17 cause of my grades. And my grounding were more like "house arrest". funny thing is though, since I got to college I havent failed a single class :lol: guess i did learn something :shock: