What's Wrong with the Hi-Point Carbine Stock Anyway?

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  1. I've noticed with increased frequency that many owners are cashing in their Hi-Point Carbine stock for the ATI variety. While the ATI is attractive enough, I can't find anything wrong with my Hi-Point Camo stock. It's solid as a rock. It looks good and not changing it out represents 50-60 bucks I can spend on something else.

    What are we dealing with here? Is this a case of putting lipstick on a pig?
  2. Gramps

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    I shoot steel, pins, pistol-caliber-carbine matches and have now killed a pig with the 4095 and I can`t find anything wrong with the origional stock.
    I also shot a 995 with an ATI and I couldn`t get on target as fast as with the origional.

    Just a case of personal preference.

  3. Do you have pics of the pig you shot? Was it a slaughter pig or a feral/hunted pig?

    Personally, I like the factory stock, but the ATI offers so much more options for accessories and gives the 995 a meaner look. There for a while I was having some trouble with my ATI and I almost went back to factory with it. I still might as I am going to go back to factory irons as this is the 4th scope that's taken a crap on me. I may just put a 3x9x40 on the thing so I have some magnification, but I haven't decided yet.
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    I like the look of the ATI stock, but I haven't been able to justify the cost yet to make it prettier. I plan on it eventually though. I like the "ugly gun" character it has, but that ATI is just downright sexy!

    When I first started shooting the 995, I got a few weak cheek slaps out of it because it doesn't feel quite as natural to cheek it. I adjusted to the gun, and have not had problems since the first couple of times I've shot it, but it looks like the ATI stock is a little more ergonomic? Can't say for sure, because I haven't used one yet...

    It's just a matter of preference. Is a red-dot necessary? Nope, the Iron sights are deadly accurate, and are, IMHO better suited to an all-around shooting environment. With no batteries to go dead! Do I consider someone who puts a red dot on their carbine to be "putting lipstick on a pig"? No, they're doing what they want to.

    The Hi-Point carbine is no pig anyway, it's a great gun, but it's ugly. I'd say it's more "My Fair Lady" approach. Putting a dress and some lipstick on a woman, and transforming her into a lady... :wink:

    I mean, I love my wife, even if she does wear those ratty old PJs... But put her in a satin nightie... Ahhh, much better. :lol:
  5. For me the original stock just didn't feel right. I can't quite explain it. Maybe it was the length or the way I was holding it, I don't know. With the ATI stock, it felt "better".
  6. It's no secret that ATI copied the Beretta Cx4 Storm in making the 995 stock. It's also no secret that Beretta enlisted the services of Italian designer Giugiaro to create the Storm. So, I'm seeing the flattery of imitation in the ATI design. And anytime you closely imitate an Italian commercial design studio, you're going to get a good looking piece. The ATI swoops and flows to the eye. The factory stock is sort of bulgy and it's lines aren't what you're used to seeing on a gun. Add to it the stub of a barrel that peeks out the end and you're seeing a gun that looks out of balance. Disproportionate. Our eyes are used to seeing the barrel as the long part of a rifle. The 995 factory stock gives me the same vibe as the 10/22 International.

    I haven't checked, but there might also be a difference in length-of-pull. Anybody want to check that out? Obviously there would be if the ATI stock extension is on.

    To me, the ATI is sexy and racy. The factory stock is utilitarian and functional. It's Ferrari vs. Ford pickup. Chocolate vs. Vanilla. They both get the job done.

    You're always going to have two camps. They both have their pros and cons. Everything's a trade-off. I'm still surprised nobody's tried to carve a Dragunov wooden stock yet. To me, form follows very closely behind function. And I think the ATI has a nicer form. But I'd never presume to force my opinion on anyone else. And bad guys don't tend to request to be shot with a prettier gun.



    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I'll take the Ford over the Ferrari any day! But that's just me :wink:
  8. You know, I was about to start a topic on this.

    I just got mine and its stiff, confortable, and overall not bad looking (for a plastic stock). Then again, I have not shot it yet so I will hold my final comment till then.
  9. Very nicely put, 'Bridge.

    I personally like the ATI stock better simply because it feels quite a bit more solid to me. Plus, coolness factor played more than a small role in switching it out. :D
    With the ATI stock there is more room for modifications,add-ons,and doo-dads.
  10. vallen

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    I happen to like the factory stock. And as we all know, once a design gets copied, there is an inherent cheeze factor.
    I.e. Pontiac Fiero
  11. Ridge

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    I'll be getting mine for appearance...the factory stock is solid, but its not exactly the prettiest thing around...whereas the ATI stock looks streamlined, futuristic and comfortable...
  12. jason865

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    Just my opinion, but I think the factory stocks are too weak, and just have a low quality look and finish to them.
  13. Troller98

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    Maybe they stiffened the newer ones up but my 995 stock was very flimsy. I could feel the forearm flex when I was shooting it. I bought the ATI because I wanted a more stable (at least in feel to me) platform.
  14. Dreamthief

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    I have always been an original stock advocate. I love the thing. the only thing I would like is some wood furniture, but that probably comes from my love of milsurps. :D
  15. Lashlarue

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    The Ati stock is solid,the oem is weak and flimsy. It does flex and that does effect accuracy. I reduced my groups an average of 2" using the same ammo at the same range a week apart. I give credit when credit is due, you will be a better shooter using the Ati..I've been shooting 50 years, was a sharpshoter in the AF, qualified with a perfect score to get my CHL
  16. Dreamthief

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    that might have more to do with the ergonomics of the stock in relation to your shooting style though. I have no problems with my groups at 25 and 50 yards. that, and the reinforced stock is stiffer.

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    What's Wrong with the Hi-Point Carbine Stock Anyway?

    NOTHING!!! Not a thing!!
  18. vallen

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    I agree. The factory stock is fine. Perhaps earlier models had more 'give', but current production stocks are just as stiff as the ATI.
    IMO the ATI is lipstick on a damn fine pig. mmmm bacon....
  19. +1

    I got a new replacement OEM stock for my 995, in the spring of 2006, and it was kind of flimsy, too.

    I switched it out for the ATI. I'll keep the original when I get the 4095, though. :D
  20. Uraijit

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    Don't think you have an option with the 4095... It's pretty much like it or leave it with the foty.