Whats your Favorite gun lube oil

Discussion in 'Gunsmith shop' started by rimfirehunter, Nov 10, 2007.

Whats your favorite gun lube oil?

This poll will close on Feb 7, 2106 at 1:28 AM.
  1. Ballistol

  2. RemOil

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  3. CLP (Break Free)

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  4. Outers Gun Oil

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  5. 3-n-1

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  6. WD-40

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  7. MiliTec-1 Synthetic Lube or Grease

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  8. Other.... please post your "other" lube

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  1. RemOil for Semi's and in the action of my hunting rifles

    3-n-1 on the exposed surfaces of my hunting rifles.

    On my muzzleloaders I use TC Natural Lube 1000 aka Bore Butter exclusively for bore, lock, stock and barrel.

    Finally found a local store that sells Ballistol and I will be giving it a good test run in several of my semi's to see how it compared to RemOil.
  2. CLP for me, it's been battle proven and I get it for free from Security Forces.

  3. GlockMan

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    CLP took a real dump in Iraq and the current deployed units now use MiliTec-1 which is a hands down better performer in dirty, dusty environments. I edited the poll to add that option since it has a solid wide range deployment with are armed forces.
  4. On other threads I've read where this has come up, someone always starts a big argument by choosing Mobil1.

    SO, I'm gonna say MOBIL1 :lol: :lol:

    (Oh, I do use it, along with some other lubricants, on my guns)
  5. Maverick

    Maverick Guest


    I voted "other"

    I have always used Hoppes Gun Oil.


    I may have to check into the MiliTec-1 as I have never used it before...
  6. The poll should have a choice for "other".

    I use and swear by gunbutter.
  7. I use rem oil on small working parts, mobil synthetics on slides and such.
  8. Whatever I happen to have handy.
  9. I "FINALLY" got the poll to display "OTHER" selection for those who use something not listed on the orginal poll choice. Initially I had this option in the poll but every time I clicked the Submit button the Other option would no be there.

  10. I agree to an extent--- I never had an issue with CLP (or LSA) for that matter--- But the weapons stayed pretty dry on ops when we went out. We did keep a larger ( maybe like 8oz) bottle of LSA for our guns (MGs, not rifles), but I never put anything but a light coat on my M16a2--- worked like a charm---

    That was just us though-- every break/rest period, we took turns breaking our weapons down and cleaning them -- no more than 50% of us were down at a time, unless we were in the rear.

    You would be suprised though how weapons maintenance is the difference maker. We trained with the Jordanian "Royal" something or others (King Hussein's "elite")-- They did not even know what lube was---

    Needless to say, we did not do f&m exercises under their guns....

    No wonder the whole Middle East is kept at bay by little ole Israel!

  11. I use rem oil for bore and depending on temperature or use rem oil or dry lube on moving parts. Birchwood Casey Sheath for external metal & wood.
  12. SamW

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    BreakFree CLP = good stuff.
  13. What, the blood of those that would do us harm isn't on there?!?!? And you call this a poll?!?!?!?!?!? LOL CLP for me. Goes good on a nice crusty Italian bread too!
  14. Silicon Wolverine

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    another break free man here. Military exp. is hard to beat.

  15. Uraijit

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    CLP here as well, I haven't tried tha stuff Gman was talking about.

    I considered oiling my frying pan for a cheeseburger with it this afternoon... :wink:
  16. Ive always used Rem, my dads always used 3-n-1.
  17. a light coat of Tetra Gun Grease for the slide & rails, light oil for pivot points & rust protection