Whats your local 9mm WWB price?

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  1. BSK

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    I paid 18.21$ per 100 round box in Manassas VA this evening.
    Warrenton VA was 13.45$ last week. I guess its time to stock up according to another thread on the board that mentioned that Wallyworld is increasing their prices on ammunition.
    Warrenton Walmart today Saturday 23rd is 18.42$ per box. 5$ up from last week =(
  2. It is $15 for 100 9mm, and $26 for 100 40 S&W

  3. Fenix

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    $16 for 9mm and $22 for 40SW
  4. My locally Walmart has 9mm for 17.50 per 100 and my local gander mtnhas the same stuff for $28.00 :shock: I can't figure that out.
  5. TexasD

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    About 3 weeks ago 9mm was 15.92 and 40 was 21.98 at Walmart in my area. 2 days before that the 40 was 17.98. Is it just Walmart that is going up in March?
  6. Check out midway arms thay went up on their UMC and WWB.
    I hope the time to buy hasn't passed us up,I'm sure thay will go up again .
  7. california walmart price for 9mm was $15 about a week or two, it when up to $18 now.
  8. $18.50 per 100 count, Walmart in Milwaukee Wisconsin
  9. The last time I bought ammo (mid-January) I paid around $15/100.
  10. WWB 100 ct. on 01/10/08 was 15.42; on 01/25/08 was 16.94; on 02/21/08 was 18.42

    Wal-Mart in middle TN
  11. TexasD

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    Just checked and the 9 is now 18.42 and the .40 is 26.88. The .40 has gone up about $9 in 35-40 days, and the 9 is up $2.50 in 3 weeks
  12. fattie

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    almost 19 dollars for 9mm for 100rds wwb at wally world tonight. but they have the crossman holsters for 7 , what a sweet deal.
  13. About a month ago I bought some 9mm WWB from wal-mart for $15, went in there yesterday, it was $18.. i couldnt believe it..
  14. My walmart is the same way... $18.00 for 100 rounds.
  15. p7196

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    I am getting mine from a local dealer for $11.89 per 100. After reading about the price increases I bought 2 cases. So I should be good for awhile.
  16. Fenix

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    at that price you should buy ten :p
  17. let me know where your deal sale. i'll buy a few truck load.
  18. kalacop

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    19 and change w/tax yesterday, South MS. Killed a twenty. :x