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  1. reluctanthawk

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    For reloading powder. I've used unique with good results, what do you folks use. :?:
  2. For 9mm through .45ACP I use Unique, but for .50AE I use H110 for now. When I run out of it, I'll be trying a few different powders.

  3. Bullseye is the powder I use for .357, 9mm, 40SW, 45ACP.
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    red dot, blue dot, reloader 15 and unique cover anything i care to reload.

  5. Bullseye for 9 mm and .45acp.
  6. i'm using unique, blue dot, red dot(such low charges its frugal!), varget, and Win 748.

    I have not done any accuracy testing with blue dot loads in .40 yet, but it should give excellent velocities and velocity variations.
  7. hodgon clays. Very low powder charge as well for 9mm and .45acp
  8. Uraijit

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    Accurate #2 for 9mm and .40... That's all I reload right now.
  9. Unique. I am only reloading for 9mm right now waiting on dies lol
  10. Next time you come up here, I have 9mm and 45ACP dies that haven't ever been out of the box yet. I will have 2 brand new bullet molds for each caliber as well, hopefully by Friday...

    I also have some stuff to post about the lead casting stuff, will send you a PM...

    Anywho.. Unique is a good all around pistol powder, give it a try. :p :D
  11. H335 for loading 223, Blue Dot when I start loading 9mm.
  12. Uraijit

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    Haven't used unique, but I hear it's pretty messy. Might try it next go-round. It does have a very wide range of uses.
  13. Jokey

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    Forgot to mention what I use.

    There is a lot of mention of Blue dot for handguns. I like it for weighed charges as it fills the cases nicely but it doesn't meter very well with my equipment when charging by volume, because it is so fluffy.

    Edit: I use Winchester Super Field and load 124g Berry plated bullets till I get 1130 fps in my Ruger P89 or Glock 19. Shooting with the C9 I expect about 50fps less, I am guessing that it is because of the blowback operation instead of the Browning type of locked breach.

    In the 995 I get over 1200fps. I like the same powder, (wsf) for 40sw and 45acp. Once I get the velocity up, I get very consistant velocity.

    At low powder charges I don't like wsf. If I want a more minimum load, I use a case full of Trail Boss. I can't get enough charge with it to cycle my Ruger P89 or 90 but they work in the all of my Hi-Points or G-Locks.
  14. I've loaded a bunch of 9mm with Universal with good results. I'm using TiteGroup right now and it measures a lot better than the Universal. They both work very well for me.
  15. Strangerous

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    No mention of HP38? Goodness, that's what my last bullets were...
    185gr Ranier Plated Ball, Once fired brass, winchester small pistol primer, and X.Xgr of HP38
  16. right now I am usiing accurate #7 for 45 acp and 45 colt, accurate #9 for 454 cassull and H110 for 460 s&w mag. I've used a bunch of unique in my 45acp loads and came to the conclusion that it was to inconsistant, even when each load is wieghed for accuracy (each kernal or grain of powder seems to have a differnt density and even size), so I don't buy any more unique.
  17. I use Unique, HP-38 and TiteGroup.

    Unique is mainly used in my .44 Special loads, HP-38 in the .380 and I am working with TiteGroup in the 9mm.

    Thing I like about HP-38 and TiteGroup is the powder charges are low and that means I get more shots per pound with these two powders.
  18. I'm currently using Red Dot in my C9 and Winchester 540 in my 995 carbine. Unfortunately, when my 540 powder is gone, I'll have to find another powder since 540 isn't made anymore. I'm experimenting with HP-38 powder at the present time in the 9mm, and also going to try it in my Taurus 85 38 special. The .38 loves Bullseye at present. My 44 Magnum prefers Alliant 2400 powder, as well as Unique in the lighter loads. That pretty much does it for the pistol loads. I think eventually I'll be 100% Alliant powder usage within the next couple of years. Their powders have yet to be beat.

    Maybe my next pound of powder will be Herco. ;)

  19. wizard,

    I had pretty decent results with HP-38 in the 9mm using 124gr LRN's, but it didnt perform too well using the 115gr LRN's. When using HP with either plated or jacketed bullets my best results were obtained when loading just under max, light and mid level charges that were comfortable for range work just didnt turn in good accuracy in my guns.
  20. HS-6 and Unique for the .45 , 2400 for the .357 mag , IMR 3031 for 30-06 , 303 British , 7.62 * 54 Russian , red dot for trap loads , HS-6 for 12 gauge slugs .