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    Hello Friends.
    I made the decision some time back I was going to purchase a smaller frame 9mm. I have a couple of carry weapons & depending on how I am dressed is the 1 I carry however I want 1 smaller frame that fits the bill for anything. I have been looking at the sccy Gen2 & the kel tec p11. They both seem comparable in price & I like the fact that they offer 10rds of 9mm in a small & very concealable package. I have read mixed reviews for both weapons. I however do not have any experience with either weapon & was hoping maybe My Friends in this Community could give Me Your Pro's & Con's on these 2 weapons. You're input & opinions will be greatly appreciated in My decision making.
    As always, Happy & Safe Shooting Friends. :D
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    SCCY has 2 models of their pistol. Both of which are on their second generation. The CPX-1 has an external safety and the CPX-2 does not have an external safety. These are both very nice pistols for the price. The second gen of each of these has some small changes that make them more desirable.

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    The CPX-2 is basically a clone of the Kel Tec P11.

    You can get 12-round, flush fit, magazines for the P11 (same size as the 10 round mags). Not so for the SCCY; you're stuck with only 10.

    The P11 can also accept S&W59 15-round magazines and even has a "sleeve" available for it so you can have a 15 round magazine as an on-belt reload or for use at the range.

    No, mags do not interchange between the CPX-2 and the P11.

    Honestly, they're both decent guns, but I would (and did) go with the P11.

    Peace favor your sword,
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  5. greg_r

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    No first hand experience with the P11. I do own the CPX2CB. $240 is what the LGS sells them for. The only issue has been the slide catch rode up over the spring once. Took about 10 minutes to fix. It is suprizingly accurate.
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    Curious as to why they're cheaper new at Buds then used on Gunbroker.......
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    I have owned 2 of each. I would pick the SCCY CPX-2 over the P-11, if for no other reason than the warranty. SCCY is lifetime NO questions asked transferable. KelTec is lifetime to the original owner, after you prove your the original owner.
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    I like them both. But I like the P11 better and its not a clone. Customer service is better. If you like to modify your gun the P11 is the way to go. For both guns I order parts online or call them and they always have sent the parts free so I did not have to send in the weapons. P11 you can add the Northwood trigger which is awesome. Just remember neither of them are range guns. Great carry guns thou.
  9. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Spend the money, get a CZ RAMI.:D

    Or one if the others. My P11 runs fine.
  10. geekandwife

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    I prefer the pf-9 to the p-11,and the p-11 to the sccy. Why get the cone when you can have the original?
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    I had 2 PF-9's. Both of them, the magazine would fall apart after the 1st shot. I would take it out shoot the 1st shot and the magazine would fall out out of the gun and all the ammo & spring would fall to the ground. I bought a new magazine spring & follower after the 1st time, and it did it again. Not all the time, but twice was enough to scare me. so I traded the gun to a guy who said he could fix it. Several months later, I picked up a another one, different color & it did the same thing. The guy's on the KT forum practically banned me for complaining about their beloved PF-9. I loved the size, just not trust worthy? I have owned 2 of the P-11's with no problems at all.
  12. geekandwife

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    Because that story don't make any sense. A unintended mag drop and the mag having a critical failure of the follower or the base plate are unconnected. And not taking advantage of the lifetime warranty on it instead buying parts males it even more suspect. And not sure what fourm you were on, but there are plenty of detractors on ktog.
  13. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Unless the dropping mag drops onto the base on a hard surface, and breaks, or somehow pops off.

    Or hits in such a way that the lips get bent open to dump everything all over.

    Long shot, I know. The PF9 I shot worked fine.

    Suspect? Really?:rolleyes:
  14. lklawson

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    WHICH Kel Tec forum?

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  15. You should check out the ruger lc9 s . It's very compact an better then their older version . I'm going pick one up as soon as I can
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    When I called KelTec in regards to this matter the 1st time, they said it was a mag problem & was not under warranty. So they sold me the parts to fix the mag; spring, follower & bottom plate. I lost them in the snow. It repeated the same fiasco a few weeks later when shooting, so I threw the mag away! I had no problems with my other mags. I later traded the gun off. A few months later I bought another one used this time. I shot it a few times with no problems. I gave the gun to my son, and the 1st time we took it out to shoot it did the exact same thing. 2 different guns, 2 different magazines, 2-3 months apart? As for KOT, I came on their forum several times and got the same thing your doing. Doubting that anything like that could possibly happen to a PF-9. I have been shooting guns for over 45 yrs. I know a BAD gun when I see one!
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    The 1st time, I was just reaching to pick up the gun, and the mag came out & spilled all over the snow. The 2nd time I fired the 1st shot & the magazine fell out of the gun & into my hands, bullets, spring, follower, base plate falling everywhere. That is exactly what happened when my son shot it. After his 1st shot, he was trying to catch the bullets, springs, follower all at the same time. He found all the pieces & put it back together. Worked Ok after that. I would just hate to need a 2nd or 3rd round & all my bullets are falling on the ground.
  18. geekandwife

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    I would say the same about any gun. From a Kimber to a glock to a rock Island to a cobra. What you are describing is dang near impossible, and is showing a mag issue not a gun issue even it it could happen. A broken magazine does not mean the gun is bad.
  19. ajole

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    NE Utah
    So basically, you are calling him a liar. Right? Because that story couldn't possibly have happened?

    You just can't help yourself, you really have no couth at all, do you?:rolleyes:
  20. lklawson

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    So then it WAS a mag problem.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)