When I grow up: Policeman or Fireman?

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  1. If you can't decide what to be when you grow up, maybe this will help you make up your mind:


    I'm pretty sure which I prefer :!:

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    Actually, I was a volunteer firefighter and licensed EMT when I was younger. I never got any tail. None of the guys I volunteered with got laid because of it. It's a myth, unless you're an NYC firefighter.


    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    22 years retired firefighter. THAT'S a bunch of BS. Both jobs are hazardous and you don't get in because of that. You do it because you want to. I consider that a slam at me and all of my brother firefighters and all the police officers around! :evil:
  4. All I can say is "Wow." Pretty strong reaction to a lame little video. I guess if your aim in life is to find stupid, inconsequential crap to be offended by, you're on the right planet...

  5. All you guys need to keep your panties on! Holy crap, people...

    NDS, I thought that video was funny!

  6. If I sounded strident, sorry, I wasn't. I just thought it was a dumb video that plays off simple stereotypes. There's a common idea among people that men in uniform always have their pick of the women.

    There was no anger on my part, just a bit of surprise that someone would care enough to be offended rather than bemused.

    (BTW, I thought you didn't like panty lines! :p)
  7. The only panty lines I don't like are on hot women... On everyone else, I don't care...
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    good vid, made me chuckle.

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    Hey NDS and PS [​IMG] I was only joking to see all the reactions :wink: :lol: I'm in a fooling around mood sorry, if you thought I was upset I'm not.
  10. I always wanted to be quality control in a bordello, but I could not pass the test :(
  11. So, are you confessing to intentionally flaming the membership for your own amusement? I think you need to read the COC/TOU... Don't do it again, PERIOD. Understand?
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    It's like getting mad at Spy Vs. Spy, whats the point? the second video is better though :wink:
  13. I'm glad you were joking, but sarcasm and humor are hard to read without vocal inflection or facial expression. From now on give a hint; smilies or a note like j/k help a lot. I actually thought you were offended by a stupid little video and it left me somewhat confused.

    When you attempt humor, give a clue or two...

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    I used to get all the tail when I was a firefighter, that's why I quit the police dept.

    Definitely funny, thanks for the laughs...