When were .22 bricks first sold?

Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by Moestooge, Aug 26, 2014.

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    I didn't get into shooting until the late '80s when various sized bricks of .22s were available. When you go to a show and see the old boxes of .22 ammo for sale, it's all 50-rounders. Does anyone know when the first bricks were offered? I'm a historian by nature and wondered when this happened.
  2. I have no idea. But i imagine they were first started as 10 50rd boxes all wrapped up. and eventually the manufactures just started selling bigger boxes.

    Maybe a better question. When did they stop selling them? i haven't seen anything but 50rd boxes in 2 years now. The day i see a bulk pack on walmart shelf again i might take a picture. it will last a lot longer.

  3. Back2School

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    Well I can honestly say I remember my dad buying them for us in the early 80s when I was a teen.

    Can't speak to it before then.

    Those were the days, walking into KMart or Sears, looking at the guns and bows, buying ammo without hassle. Now its Just Wal-Mart like that :(
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    Bought em the in the early 60s in San Diego. Western Auto and Monkey Wards were our main suppliers. I was a Navy brat, as all my friends and our dads would bring Home Bricks of Winchester, Super X I think. Back then and into the late 60,s and into the 70s (When I was in the MC You could go to "Special Services" and get all the .22 you wanted "For Free". A group of us used to get .05 for every rabbit tail we took out of the Tomato fields. Had to use .22 .... No shotguns allowed ....... :eek:
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    My dad, who is going to be 79 this November, remembers buying them as fifty round boxes in 1944 at the local grocery store for $0.35/box.

    I remember buying T-22 target .22 LR ammunition in the late 1970's for $0.50/box of fifty.

  6. How to pay for a time machine.

    Go back to the 40's buy a million dollar worth of .22LR

    Come back to 2014 or better 2013 and sell them for a momentous profit.
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    You're getting to my indirect point. Are we going back in time to smaller boxes on a permanent basis? I sometimes run across smaller bricks (Remington 225 and Winchester 333-rounders), but anything bigger than that is a very rare sight.
  8. HP/C9/45ACP

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    I know the 10/50 bricks have been around a long time. I can't remember when I first bought 525 or 555 round bulk pack, but think maybe in the '80s and they may have been around before that.
  9. FlashBang

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    Never saw them as a kid... only 50 round boxes. Use to walk into town and go to Jack Crones Store, an old wood floor country store that sold groceries in front and had a gun store in the back. In the late 50's early 60's we use to collect coupons out of circulars and newspapers until we got enough built up in cash value to get a box of .22's from Jacks Store. Didn't matter if you were 8 or eighty.. if you could reach the top of the counter you were old enough to buy ammunition. :D

  10. greg_r

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    We bought them by the brick in the 70's. They were not in the bulk pack like you see today, but 10 boxes of 50 cased together.
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    I remember it like greg_r, I think it was the late 70's that the retailers started offering them in the brick box. I do remember buying a box of 50 in the late 60's for 25 cents at the gas station in Nardin OK and yes they would sell them to a 12 year old. A 25 rd box of 410 cost about 2 dollars so I shot a lot more 22 out of my Savage 24D than 410.
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    In the late 50s shorts were .25 a box. don't remember how many in a box or what brand. I picked wild black berries and walked up and down the West Va. mountain road and sold them door to door @ $1 a 2 gal. pail to fund my .22 and shotgun shells. My grandfather, uncle and us kids used nothing else for squirrel out of single shot bolt guns. Still use em. I still have almost a brick of Rem. shorts from about 14 years ago. We didn't go out and Just Shoot. We made every shot count. Don't think anybody had an auto. About 6 or 8 buckets of berries and I was set for the rest of the year.

    Walking to school thru the canyons and tomato fields of San Diego county we would take our rifles and ammo with us and they had racks in the Wood Shop class you put them in. Picked them up after school and hunted the fields and canyons on the way back home. This was early-mid 60s.
  13. Rerun

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    That's just wrong.

    Just like all those idiots that are profiteering on the American public today.

    And, the REAL reason there is a 'shortage' of .22 caliber ammo today.

  14. Rerun

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    Now then, during the 1980's, when I ran the Indoor Marksmanship Program for the DIA Rod and Gun Club, I would order Target .22 LR ammunition through our FFL dealer by case lots (5000 rounds) for $45.00/case in 1982/83 and $90.00/case in 1984-86 (with 10% discounts).

    We would sell the ammunition for $0.50/box of fifty and later, $1.00/box of fifty to the members of the club, one or two boxes per shooting session.

    We had use of the range at Arlington Hall Station, VA, before they rebuilt it and later, at the Anacostia Naval Air Station Indoor Range twice a week.

    Those were the good days that I remember.

  15. GoesBang

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    Which of the many communities of San Diego did you live in? I remember the canyons very well. My daughter (US Navy) lives in Kearney Mesa right now, about 5 miles from some old Navy housing I lived in as a Navy brat in the late 60's.
  16. GoesBang

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    Last year I managed to run into an older guy in a Wal-Mart that had an "Ammo Can" of CCI MiniMags (660 in the can I believe). The can was a mini plastic replica of a full-size metal can. I think I paid $60 for it.
  17. SWO1

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    Was in Paradise Hills Navy Housing. Up 8th St. going East out of National City. Was there from 60-65 when I went into the Marine Corps. Walked to Morse High School thru the canyons. Lots of brush rabbits, Jack Rabbits, Coyote, and Rattle Snakes. Think I still have some "Jumping Cactus" spines in me ..... LOL Then after you went out of Housing it was all Canyons to Mount San Miguel. Now its SOLID houses to and over the Mountain.
  18. Chill man, It was a joke.
  19. Rerun

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    Yup, right.

    A joke.

  20. Bricks are ALWAYS 10 fifty round boxes packaged together.

    They are NOT 333 packs or 525 value packs, or any other packaging.

    10 fifty round boxes together in one package. That is a brick.

    Pet peeve of mine, LOL

    I first bought ammo at a store called ChinaTown back in the 70's. What was on display were 50 rd boxes. But if you asked for 500 rounds they would go in back and come out with a Brick. I think they were about 4 dollars. I don't think I ever bought a brick, a couple of boxes were always plenty and there was no worry about the shelves ever being bare.