When will hickok45 do a hi point. I asked and received an answer.

Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by rippinryno, May 27, 2015.

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  1. rippinryno

    rippinryno Well-Known Member

    I messaged hickok45 and actually received an answer! I feel like a celebrity. He said they get lots of requests for hi points and that he is planning to do something later this summer.

    I offered to send any of my hi points but now that he's got buds sponsoring i'm positive he will have no issue getting his hands on one.

    Why has hickok45 waited so long to do a hi point. Why does he do several videos a week and many times on a firearm that he has already reviewed, yet he ignores the hi point? I just don't understand it.

    A 995 seems like a perfect hi point for him, he has admitted recently that he enjoys the handgun caliber carbines now so I'm certain he would have a fun time trying out the 995. I also want him to do a jcp or c9.

    Seriously, why is this guy ignoring such a huge american company?
  2. Not2ManyGuns

    Not2ManyGuns Member

    You definitely are a celebrity; congratulations.

    Hickok45 has mentioned in several long gun reviews that he prefers to to have an extended stock on some rifles/carbines because of his longish arms. Other than that, I believe that if he gives the Hi-Point a very good to excellent review, it will boost the image of Hi-Point Firearms in the minds of some of the haters.

  3. It would definitely be a good thing for hipoint if he does a carbine. glad you got a response.
  4. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't say that Hi Point was HUGE?

    I'm only guess-tamating now, but I would say that
    Strassell's in Mansfield employees 20 people
    Haskell in Lima employees 10 people
    Iberia in Galion employees 10 people
    MKS Supply in Dayton 10 people
    This would include office, factory, shipping & receiving
  5. cc-hangfire

    cc-hangfire Member

    Congrats on your celebrity status! An email from Hickok45 qualifies as an event (to me at least!).

    Like lots of reviewers, I'd bet he'd rather not do a review than do a negative review. And even those of us who own and like the pistols have to admit they are not, shall we say, graceful. But with the recent favorable article in American Rifleman, the pendulum may be swinging to the positive side for Hi-Point. The carbines are more universally accepted, so that's a more likely positive review - I'm looking forward to seeing it!
  6. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    Obviously he is not "ignoring" HP, not now at least. You said it is on the schedule!

    Hopefully he HAMMERS on the limited magazine capacity! I know I WILL on the comments! :D
  7. Kiln

    Kiln Member

    I remember in one video he says that he gets lots of requests to do reviews on cheap guns but he doesn't do junk guns. I wonder if at that time he considered Hi Point to be in that class.
  8. Congrats on the e-mail from H 45. Those a rare to say the least.

    I think the above posts pretty much nailed the reason why he has not done one yet. Hi Point is a small company with a loyal and small group of fanatical followers, and some new folks who are just warming up to the brand. Their price has them in the running with Bryco, Jennings, Raven, and Jimenez, so most folks in the gun community think of them as the same type of junk that was out there 40 years ago, as it must be [email protected] if it's that cheap. Lets face it folks. If you put a JHP next to a Colt Commander, 80 Series, in a beauty contest, the JHP will always lose.

    What we are seeing now is a shift towards a how well does it work type buyer, hence the reason the 'Other" Poly pistols are becoming the choice in mid range do it all firearms. Add the double stack factor in, and Glock is becoming the King of CC for more and more gun owners. Back in the 80s, I remember Glock doing what HP is doing now, in that every article on the 19 and the 17 had pictures of a G19 being baked under UV lamps with a thermometer reading 150 F+ or a picture of it firing straight out of a freezer kept at -30, fired still dripping water out of the bore, covered in sand or mud, pick your torture test. Why? Because it proved they worked. HP's carbine tests on Youtube, and several reviewers doing things like dragging a C9 behind their truck down a mile of dirt road, firing the pistol, driving another mile, firing and finding it unable to even cycle, then sending it back and getting it fixed for free, are the answer to that single queestion:

    "Will that Fugly POS work when I need it. or worxse, my wife needs it, to?"

    The answer, given by those videos, is a Daniel Brianesque, "YES!"

    This is why, in spite of the fact that a new model has not been released in 10 years (I don't count the fancy colors or comp models as a new model, as they are same $h!t, different finish or BBl length.)is allowing HP to grow, and a broader fan base as more and more realize that HP is the Duke of the court in which the 1911 is Currently King, and the Glocks are the prince who will eventually take over the crown. Function has trumped form for most, and more are moving towards how it works, not how it looks.

    The other factor is this. How many on here, when they take their HP to the range, get asked about it, or have another shooter ask to try it out? My first exposure to a HP pistol (C9) came 8 years ago while living in NY, when a LEO friend of mine was trying out a pistol he bought for his wife for HD while he was at work (Closest LE was 25 minutes from his house). He ran that pistol filthy, pulled put the cleaning kit, DCIORed it, and took it back out for another 200 rounds of bulk WWB, and it ate it up along with 50 rounds of Tul steel cased, rapid fire. I sw him eyeing up my AMT Hardballer, and asked me if he could put a few through it. I Told him if he didn't mind me trying out his, then yes. Can't say it was life changing, or even affirming for that matter, but I did like the feel of it. I could just never justify buying one in NY as it would have required a trip to the LGS, BGC on the spot, a trip during the hours of 9 to 4 to the county seat (One hour each way) $3 cost to add it, and then a return trip to the LGS to pick it up, and this is if I could even find one at any of the shops in my area, which was about equal to a snowballs chance in hell. $130 for a working 9 mm ain't bad, but when it would have cost me shipping, transfer fees, gas to and from, ect., I could pick up a Glock for less.

    About a year before the Unsafe Act came to be, I tried out a 995 carbine. Not bad, but not great IMHO. I'll stick with my Marlin Camp 9 and Camp 45. NYSA came into being, and that was it for finding one legally. No big loss for me, but there are folks there that like them, so it still sucks.

    What changed my mind was my room mate buying his girlfriend's dad's CF 380, then the JCP and C9 from him. He then bought the JHP new, and I saw tall's JCP up for trade, which brings me in as an owner. It makes a good HD pistol, not so much a CC option. The C9 ain't bad for CC, but I have a Beretta 92 FS that holds 16 at about the same weight, and a Jimenez JA Nine that holds 13, so capacity vs weight becomes an issue. Will I at some point pick up a C9? Probably. Will it be a CC weapon for me or the wife? Slim to none chance of it, and slim is packing his bags as I type this. The LCP is smaller and lighter, and she prefers a pebble to a brick when it comes to CC options. HD gun are range toy?

    Let's see, it doesn't break the bank, it works 99.9999999% of the time, accuracy is great, it will handle +P loads, and it has a warranty that is good until the company is no more. That alone makes it worthy of purchase to me.

    What I just posted is likely why the outcry to do a H45 video review has been growing lately, and why he is talking about doing a HP video. i6t took him years to finally decide to review a Chiappa Rhino, as it was not an apealing design to him, but the demand was there, so he finally gave in. i see a HP review going much the same as this one did.


    Sorry about the long post. Must have been channeling Nut'nfancy. :rofl:

    At least he has done 2 HP reviews. :cool:
  9. bscar

    bscar Supporting Member

    I've sent him suggestions quite often, before he was sponsored by anyone.
    Asked him to do a PS-90 review, but then he does an FN2000. Mentioned a 4595ts a couple years ago, a Fatboy, I let him know about the 30rd Benchloader he used in one of his AR videos, and a few other things.

    Granted, most of his responses were just a thanks or some kind of acknowledgement, but not a real conversation, but I have conversed with him a few times
  10. rippinryno

    rippinryno Well-Known Member

    I misspoke when i said a huge american company. In the world of guns hi point is known, that is what i should have said. I can't go into any of my local gun stores without seeing hi points, they are everywhere. The company may be small but they sell a crapload of firearms, especially considering the few models they actually have. Anybody and everybody in this country that knows firearms has heard of the hi point. That is why i don't understand why he hasn't done a review. I don't think he would give a bad review. hickok is informed and knows that hi points have their place in the market. They're not to be compared to some of the hi dollar guns. AFter checking my fb messenger i noticed i sent the message december 18 and his response actually said that they were going to do it sometime this winter or early spring. So i guess that has come and gone. I dont' want to pester the guy so i'm not going to reply asking if it's still in the works.

    I recall a video where hickok was referencing cheaper firearms and used hi point as an example and then said "i shouldn't say that they're actually reliable guns". So he knows they have their place in the market. It's time to do a hi point review, good or bad, it won't change what most of us already know. They have their place.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I live 40mi. or less from him. If he wants a JHP45,4595,995, or 4095 I will gladly deliver him all of the above with plenty of mags. Then can check on my "stunt double" application. I did meet him and JOhn walking around the NRA convention in Nashville this year.

    Seriously if he wants to do this let me know.
  12. Outlaw

    Outlaw Supporting Member

    Be careful what you ask for. I seriously think if H45 did a very positive vid on the Hi-Points it very well could increase the marketing of the weapons and therefore increase the demand and prices. I'd leave well enough alone. Just sayin :rolleyes:
  13. FlashBang

    FlashBang I Stand With Talon Lifetime Supporter

    LGS's sell a crap ton of Hi-Points because they are cheap enough for anyone to afford. A lot of buyers ( just look around here ) are "frugal" and either don't want to, or can't afford to, purchase a higher priced firearm. I am not going to argue whether the Hi-Point is or is not as well made or designed as another firearm, it doesn't matter... what matters is that the buyer is happy with it.

    I personally would not buy a Hi-Point pistol, but own the 995TS, 4095 and the 4595 carbines. They perform well for what they are, a PCC that allows me to match the PCC I have with me to the caliber handgun I may be carrying at the same time. I also own the Beretta 9mm Storm and enjoy it as well.

    If HP were to raise their price point up to where others are, they would lose sales. They fill a niche market and they know it.

  14. I swear hes done a video on hi-points... I remember seeing him with a carbine and a pistol... im not home to look at my hk45 videos collection, but ill look tomorrow when I get home...
  15. Rerun

    Rerun Member

    I like everything about this post except between the quote marks.

    I own two Hi-Point pistols, one bought used and the other bought new. The used pistol has more than 5200 rounds of 9mm ball ammunition through it, and the second, about 700 rounds of .45 ACP through it.

    Both pistols have performed beyond expectation considering the small amount of money I bought them for.

    And, I will buy Hi-Points pistol's again.

  16. I am liking that Rhino in the vid. I am not a revolver fan, but that is a nice looking gun.....Sadly out side my price range.
  17. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    What, you don't like "frugal" people? :D
  18. Rerun

    Rerun Member

    The other quote marks - I personally would not buy a Hi-Point pistol

    That statement.

  19. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    And you thought you could get away without being specific?
  20. Rerun

    Rerun Member

    If you had read the original statement written by FlashBang You should have noted that I had offset the phrase in question and added the single " ' " quote marks, Your Worship.

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