When will this crap stop?

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  1. Another school shooting with more dead people. What the hell is it going to take to get someone to take action? We are seeing a school shooting, or similar type of shooting, almost monthly now a days. So when does something get done? None of the presidential candidates are talking about it, none of the governors are speaking about it, and, seemingly, no one at local levels are talking about it. Again, what the hell is it going to take before someone takes action?

    How long is this going to go on before the damn light comes on in someones head that finally tells them "hey, these are copy cat shootings (since Columbine) and the murderers know they will be safe doing this in gun free zones." What I am even more curious about is how long is it going to take for a sczhitzo wielding a gun to come across another student, school official, or teacher who is packing for protection that turns and paints the walls with their brains? You can positively rest assured if I were a student in a college I will have some type of personal protection well beyond that of a ribbed condom. But what about a public high school? Kind of different when you're a minor toting a gun so who protects them?

    I'm absolutely sick of reading about school shootings. I'm even more tired of short sighted people saying we need more gun restrictions. Fact is we will never be rid of criminals, never be rid of people that "snap", and never be rid of violent crime. Instead of disarming law abiding citizens why can we not allow them to protect themselves? These shooting are absolutely copy cat Columbine publicity stunts. Until a few of these rejects ends up getting their heads peeled open like a banana boat by a would be victim toting their own gun they will surely continue. As soon as the words out that schools are no longer free butcher markets the shootings will surely drop off. But right now? Right now we get to read every 4-6 weeks of another school shooting.

    How long until something changes?
  2. Another murder/suicide. Why can't these people just stay at home instead of involving other people. I'm tired of it too. They should allow CCW's on campuses. I believe it would stem the tide if the perps knew they might get shot before doing any damage.

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    Unfortunatly the opposite will occur. Soon, you'll see a "No-Gun" Radius to all properties AROUND a campus as well as students who are registered as holders of gun licences being barred from enrollment. Also, a fallout of this pattern of incident might even give more fuel to the anti-gun lobby to either increase the minimum required age on any firearms purchase or even socio-economic profiling of those buying arms based on data gathered from these campus shootings.

    At least, that's one way it could go if cooler heads don't prevail....
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    I don't know, but I got a stinking suspicion that they wont be happy until all guns are banned from public ownership. When we are watched by cameras that document our every movement, and we are voluntary prisoners behind a wall of state protection, where there are as many gun toting guards as there are voluntary prisoners in a mad world gone mad by the desire to be perfectly safe, even from ourselves. But hey, I could be wrong.
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    Time to take a queue from the people who have been dealing with terrorists, both foreign and domestic, since their country's birth: the Israelis.

    Train everyone in the use of arms and then issue each person a sidearm. Allow those person to go about their daily lives as students, bakers and business owners. Cuts the terrorist attacks way down in places like schools, markets, cafe's, etc. when those with evil intent realize they WILL GET KILLED before they can do too much harm. It's worked for them, why not for us?

    :?: :idea: :D :?: :idea: :D :?: :idea: :D :?: :idea: :D
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    Edited for factual correctness.

    And +1 to taking an idea from the Isreali's.
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    Weekly? Did you read the very end of that article? There have been 4 school shootings this week alone.
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    They take a week off sometimes, was giving an average.
  9. One wonders what would happen to enrollment were a college to say, "We've had enough. Every freshman is required to take self defense classes - armed and unarmed. Students will be allowed to carry personal protection after completing the class which includes Front Site or similar type firearm training."

    My guess is they'd be turning 2 or 3x away each year. But that's just my guess.
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    South Dakota currently has a law pending signature that allows CCW on any campus withing the borders of our state with no restriction as long as the person has a valid CCW permit. Apprently someone has thier head on straight for once.

  11. Maybe after a couple years then of "lack of" blood in the streets after arming people, others can see.

    May God care for these young people.
  12. I remember a post on the old forum and I believe it was Glockman that put it there. It was about Japan having the toughest gun laws on the planet, like it is illegal to own any type of firearm and they are wanting tougher laws beyond that!! These suicide killers remind me a lot about what is going on in the Middle East. The only difference is ours aren't carrying bombs yet. Also, ours aren't motivated by religion either.

    Why not put the blame on the parents for the actions of their children?? Oh, we can't do that because kids don't give a crap about their parents except at meal time and when the weather is bad and they need a place to stay. Face it, there's too many kids on drugs, legal or not. Too many that are practically raising themselves and there's no DISCIPLINE anywhere. We could put them in the military, but Child Protective Services probably wouldn't let us. You can't even discipline your own children any more, much less someone else's.

    I believe there is a need for CPS in certain circumstances, but when a teenager calls the police because her mother won't let her go out is getting rediculous. I've heard 6 year olds say to adults that if you touch me, my mother will sue you. What!??

    There isn't a gun law made that's going to change the way society is heading and you guys that are still waiting to start your SHTF preps are really going to be in trouble. We're raising a generation of people who don't care about themselves or anybody else and eventually society will collapse. The Government will have it's hands tied because they can't exactly do anything "domestic."

    All in all, I believe we are victims of our own creation and until "Joe Public" wakes up and wants to do something about it, nothing is going to change. :evil: :evil:
  13. I don't know. I really feel that it's partly a failure of the mental health community... they have a notable piece of the responsibility, IMO. This person was having/had treatment, and then this is what the outcome was/is. Where did he get his firearms? Nonetheless, if he was suicidal or a danger to others, the mental health community should have done something! The same is true for the Virigina Tech shootings. Folks are so concerned with the "patient's rights" and privacy that they forget about the safety of the patient and society at large.

    Guns are not the issue. Unfortunately, mentally distressed people do get access to firearms, but they'll do that one way or another... tighter gun law or no... just like criminals. There has to be another way to correct this issue. Putting up a sign and designating a "Gun Free Zone" does not do the trick.
  14. I agree with plankowner. Kids today trully feel like there have nothing to live for.

    Religion has been taken out of their lives. Morality has been elimintated. Parenting has been left up to anybody exept the parents. Kids think they have seen everything there is to see and experienced everything they need to experience by their late teens. They dont belive in consequences for their action because "nothing is their fault". They dont fear sin cause they dont have faith. They dont even care what people may say about thier famalies casue "who cares, they dont care about me".

    This is a self feeding cycle and unfortunatelly there will not be a good outcome. Bad parents bring up bad kids who make more bad kids... and dont bring me the one or two examples about "well my parents were this or that and I turned out goo" cause you are the exception. I hate to say it but this is how a society fails, there is no way to fix it, its the natural evolution. Eventually it will collapse, a revolution will occur, there will be a "good" side and "bad" side, and life will continue.

    Look at affrican countries, the middle east and so on. You may think they are stuck in the past but they are our future. No rules, no morals, no respect, no law.

  15. OK, Now I am hoping my daughter will go to colledge in South Dakota.
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    Utah already has this law passed.
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    It was the Yuppie Liberals who said to raise a child with kind words and not the belt, then those same kids became so use to the tongue lashings they forgot the fear and the real thing. Thats why kid's think they can call the cop's for getting grounded or if a parent smacks their mouth after being called a Mother ******. Todays kids truly believe that they rule the system and that parents can be disciplined by calling 911 when something does not go their way.
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    Fox news is reporting the shooter used a legally purchased remington shotgun (they showed stock pics of an 870 express) and a glock pistol.

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    out here we belive in God, Guts, and Guns. the three G's that made this country great.

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    It will stop when the Government gets serious about punishing CRIMINALS and not LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.