Where are all the carbines?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Nodakdad, Jun 23, 2020.

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    You pooped in his Bunker? That stinks.
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    I have been ignoring Palmetto State Armory lately. I did see they had a 20" M2A "copy" in kit form for $509+ shipping. Even if Trump gets re-elected prices are not coming down. Availability is going away. This shit sure looks like for all the marbles. I haven't read the "Anti-fa" training thread yet. I regret not going out on a financial gamble and taking a local carbine training class back in October.

    I would not wait too long if you don't own a carbine. Prices aren't coming down. Having a white gun would not be priority #1 in my book unless you are going to be fighting in a snowy situations. Buy to defend your home, and your country. Spare parts for what ever you buy. I'll stop now as this is the carbine section.

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    Marked it for a return trip. Find my way back, so to speak
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  4. Wow! I can't believe how many firearms are out of stock. I've always bought what I wanted when I wanted so am not looking for anything at the moment. Just looked for a few on Gallery of Guns, Gun Genie, and not much is available.
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  5. This latest run on guns must suck the most for those under ~ 25 that haven't had enough money & time to build up their stashes. Very few excuses for anyone older though.

    If 45 can win again despite the incoming flood of unprecedented fraud both domestic and foreign, enemy of the nation MSM as well as activist courts stacked against him (not to mention dumb, apathetic or just plain short sighted so-called conservatives), then things could look brighter again for a year or two ... but don't count on it. That may be the last window of opportunity for us to buy, stack and prepare as much as possible for quite some time.

    The grabbers will soon have another estimate to soil themselves over: We are fast approaching 2 firearms for every man, woman and child in America. And who knows how many trillions of rounds. :thumbsup:
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    Time for folks to call Melvin.
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    Gone, along with most everything else from all the Corona Virus panic buying.
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    And all the riot buying. I can just look at my neighbors in this area. It is actually here, buying due to all this riot crap. Same with ammo in most cases.
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    A white carbine isn't anything I need, though it's white most of the year up here it seems like. And God knows if things went south and there was some sort break down of society or I had a break in I have plenty to choose from for protection. But after I started looking into Hi-Points I like them, and I must have more. And since there's no carbine I could find anywhere on line I ordered up a C9 tonight I found in stock. And as God as my witness it will end up white.
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    Checked and Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore had 9mm carbines in stock, so got one coming. Now to keep eyes open for a 45 version.
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    Ah! Nodakdad! I have a hi tower 9mm carbine in arctic gray(and the hi point stock) that I was looking to sell or trade. I have the hi point c9 also that I was maybe going to part with. Just got my CCW and really just want some low profile handguns to have around. The HT bullpup is really sweet. I can send you a pic. I'm in St Cloud, MN also. I grew up in Grand Forks and have a brother in Fargo too. LMK man!
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    Those look amazing. Well done.
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    Hi point offers the carbines in white? whoa...
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    Indeed, if Trump wins, we're going to see civil unrest. Probably worse than what we have already seen. Hopefully Americans will keep the Senate so the socialists will be somewhat hobbled. If we lose the Senate and the socialists keep the House, Trump will be removed in his first year of his second term. They are going to manufacture something to impeach him for and the Senate will do the rest. I think we have some difficult days ahead.
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    Civil unrest either way. They don't like the dems either.
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    Well, given that today's domestic security environment puts us at risk just driving down the street, concealable handguns are just as important as carbines, and while everyone is focused on carbines, the micro-compact pistols still remain relatively plentiful.
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    Even if you manage to get the carbine, i hope you have ammo prestocked. I cashed out a 300blk upper and managed to buy up a decent stock of 45 and 556 before anybody took corona seriously. Not saying i was a prophet at all, but the shelves are bare now.
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