Where are the $140 C9's?

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    I've been shopping for a new CCW and this forum has convinced me to give H-P a try. I've read the posts about on-line dealers selling the C9 for $138 delivered (Bud's) but they all seem to be out-of-stock. Locally I can't find them at a good price and I have a nearby FFL that charges $15. I do not want to go the used route so I'm hoping somebody here can steer me in the right direction. Thanks in advance and I look forward to participating in the discussions.

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    Don't forget auctionarms.com .There are normally a few on there.
  3. Why are you afraid of buying used??. i bought a c9 compensated with 4 mags and and mag pouch for 130. !0 bucks in shipping and exactly 1 week ,including shipping, later i got it back complete with all new springs , firing pin, extractot, and an extra mag.
  4. try the gun shows thats were i got mine 130.00. all the local shops were 189.00 and up for the c9
  5. Gunbroker has them all day long for very cheap!!!!
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    S.O.G. has them for 99.95, they are item #HIPT-00916 in the May SOG catalog.
    Find a local FFL dealer that will do transfers, and then you can order directly, paying dealer price + shipping + transfer fee.

    I've ordered my last few guns directly from distributors. It saves quite a few dollars, depending on what the local gun stores feel like charging.
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  8. Prices vary, depending on where you live. Price tag on my new C9 was $169.95. But, I bought it for $145.00 OTD.
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    I don't know about $140, but you could get close.
    Did you call all the dealers in your area? The Hi-Point website will give you a list, including phone #'s. I'd just call around, and price check. If they don't have one, ask if they can order you one.
    That is how I found and bought my C9. ($159.99+tax)

  10. There is a used C9 in good condition at a pawn shop down the street for $129. I'd buy it, but then my wife would shoot me with it.
  11. Here in Ohio, Vance/Buckeye outdoors have the C9 for 119, 995 for 159
  12. I picked up a JCP 40 for $159 out the door!! The C9 are almost the same price as .40's and .45's!! I've seen C9's for $119 when I was shopping for a hipoint. Are prices going up on Hi-Points?
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    It fluctuates. The local gun shop in my neighborhood was charging $220 for basic 995 carbines with no accessories.

    I went back in that store a month or so later and the price on the same guns were down to 179.

    The dealer prices on hi points are so low guns shops can pump up the price a bit and make a good profit. I can't fault them there. I just try to look around and get a sense of what the average asking price is on something, and I try to pay that. Lately I order direct though.
    I want small gun shops to be successful, as I've said in other posts,they provide more than just a selection of guns, you get a valuable service for the money.