Where do you buy your cleaning supplies?

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  1. AndrewST

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    Ok so here is my issue, I am putting together a gun cleaning kit and am running into issues!!

    I need to get a kit together that is well made and will clean from .17 HMR up.
    I am also looking for used .50 cal ammo cans and a rest to sight/clean from.

    So I was on midwayusa.com and they had everything. Was going to get the Hoppes #9 .17 HMR cleaning kit, hoppes universal bench rest rifle/shotgun cleaning kit..extra bottle of Remington lube /w teflon, 3 .50 cal ammo cans, and a very basic rest.

    Of course the cans are empty and the rest doesn't weigh that much. The other items are small as well. Anyways, all in all it was going to be $72 bucks.

    Was 21 for the cans, 30 for the rest, and the other items ate the remainder.

    Anyways get to check out and they wanted $46 for shipping!!! WTF?!?!

    I have shipped entire computers for less than that and they weight a hell of a lot more.

    Where does everyone else buy their cleaning supplies? Maybe I will just pick this up local...I can't find anywhere else to get these items, and I wasn't wanting to place 3 different orders with 3 different companies....

  2. vallen

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    Could be the cans. They might "dim Weight" them - based on weight and size. Check the dimensions of the cans. Might be better to get them at a surplus store. I'd bet the cleaning supplies won't weight that much. They probably use a preferred shipping method - check that as well.

    The cleaning supplies you listed are readily available at local big box stores.
    Use the i-web for harder-to-get items.

  3. MidwayUSA generally has great shipping prices, unlike some other sites that try and make up their low prices by gauging on shipping, so it must have been the package size that jacked the S&H up so much.

    I buy all my cleaning supplies local because the price is usually cheaper and I dont pay S&H. Only time I order is when I am not able to get items locally.
  4. hipoint.nut

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    I got this kit at Wal-Mart for $15. I don’t think that there is a gun it can’t clean.


  5. I have the same kit and I like it.
  6. AndrewST

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    I just swung by the gun shop and grabbed a bottle of oil, 2 .50 cal ammo cans in excellent condition($6.50 ea) and a bore snake for my .17hmr.

    The wife is going by another store while she is in town to get the rest/stand and solvent and another kit for the other firearms.
  7. I have never heard of midway not having good prices on shipping. That's just nuts. If you really wanted that stuff, you could have just taken the ammo cans off the order and seen what the shipping would have been for just the cleaking components alone. Then you'd know what it was they were charging for shipping on the ammo cans. Anywho, sounds like you got it worked out anyway.....
  8. Ari

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    I buy mine local... .