Where do you get your reloading component Bargains?

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    It would be cool to have a place where people could post where they find the cheapest/highest quality reloading components (Consumables or actual reloading tools) hopefully everyone can chime in and there will be a wealth of info to help us all keep costs to a minimum.
    Basically list the caliber, what you got and how much you got it for and other notes about quality etc.

    A few of mine are local but maybe good for people who live in Tucson.

    Primers (I already mentioned these in another post and they are proving to be a decent deal) Russian oddball primers part number KVB-9E.. If you see any of these primers I would recommend them. The local shop here in Tucson had some so I stocked up on 40,000 of these at a whopping cost of $324 They are now sold out but they were found at
    Second Amendment sports. Tucson Az

    Powder (Another local Tucson bit) Win 231 ($18/lb) ,
    Hodgdon Titegroup ($16/ lb)
    (Many other types of powder fairly cheap too)
    all prices were Before AZ sales tax at
    Cashbox Jewelry and pawn Tucson az.

    Bullets: 9mm
    (4.9cents per bullet)@
    Slash K guns Tucson az sells some Lead cast bullets that are cast on site and I believe all bullets are sold for $2.89/Lb unless over 50 lbs is $2.69 I purchased 50 lbs of cast 9mm 115gr. LRN bullets for $145.XX OTD which equals roughly 2915 bullets (Guy forgot to TARE out the 5 gallon bucket) I actually received 47.9lbs of bullets.... Im going to make sure the bucket is Tared out next time.. The guy that runs slash K is a good guy and im sure will probably toss me 2 free lbs. of bullets next time I make an order (If I ever go there again)

    (4.25 cents per bullet)
    I have not ordered from this website yet but I probably will fairly soon they seem to have very decent prices 2000 rounds of 9mm for a total of $85 for 2000 rounds of 9mm (Including freight)

    (6 cents per round for Tracers)

    Gunbroker seller ID 1105allenplace
    I ordered 2000 9mm 115 gr. tracers from this gunbroker seller for a total of $120 including shipping. Ive loaded and shot 150 of these and they did not trace which I consider to be a good thing. they are good 115 grain FMJ bullets but they do have pull marks ..and mine were delivered in a free .30 cal military ammo can and there are various .223 bullets mixed in.. But who cares. (Some bullets got some kind of tar like gunk on them so they pretty much need to be tumbled before loading) m

    Maybe this post will Sink to the bottom but it would be cool to have some good links and info on where to get bargains on equipment
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    I buy everything I can lay my hands on local.

  3. Not trying to Hi-Jack, but if anyone comes across a deal on 460 S&W brass, could you let me know?
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    I do not shoot 460 what is a deal?
  5. Less than 59 cents per casing. I have been looking all over, and the few places I have found that carry it are sold out.............

    Come to think of it, I am intrested in any place that has it in stock.
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  7. Silicon Wolverine

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    pulled military bullets, surplus powder and once fired and new brass at

    local dakotas brass and cast bullet supplier in wilton ND (20 miles north of bismarck)

  8. Thanks ARI, I haven't heard of Graf and Sons before. Have you used them?

    I will definatly check them out, thanks again!
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    I used them for brass I got some 7.5 French that was the only place I could find it. They were very easy to deal with
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    Here is some bargain priced lead cast bullets.. This guy has no website but I just called him and he said that these prices listed are Up to date.


    A man can get 2000 rounds of 125 Gr. 9mm Round nose for $68.95 including shipping! not too shabby... his other prices seem quite low as well.
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    If you don't mind Lee equipment brand new. These folks are pretty good.
    A few of my Lee dies I have got from Ebay before they became anti, I still occasionally find dies and presses on Ebay.


    These folks are a fairly new "auction site" I find mostly RCBS stuff there, but they often have batches of cases or bullets that can be picked up. I bought a couple of BP cannons from them and they seemed to be pretty good dealers. Being new, sometimes the bids can be "lower" but that will only last for a while til they get better known.


    They can be a fairly good source of components, as well.

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    Generally order through www.midwayusa.com they have some good deals if you order in bulk. Otherwise I check out local gun shops and shows.
    Some guys at the club I go to get together and order a huge order and save some $$$ on shipping. Just a thought.
  13. best place i've found for hornady is weidners(sp?) in Johnson City, TN. They're mostly internet/mail order.
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    Nice post here folks can we keep it going?
  15. Wideners.com, 1000 once-fired LC .223 brass for $66... can't beat that
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    I get my tools and bullets from midway, powder and guns local, but the only store I care to go to is like 35-40 min away and my schedule is busy or I would buy everything from him. Common IMR powders and varget are like 22.95 Lb local. I like to support good companies and not always the discounter, good service comes with a price.