Where do you guys buy your ammo online?

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  1. Glennfrank

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    Looking for suggestions on where to get the best prices online.
    I want to buy in bulk (500 rounds) for a few different firearms & it often seems that any savings I may get are wiped away after shipping (sometimes end up paying more than I would at wallyworld).
    I pretty much used to get all my ammo at wallyworld, but for some reason they seem to get less and less in stock every week. (they haven't had WWB 9mm for 2 weeks!).

  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    usually freight and or hazmat fees kill the deal. FWIW (no insult intended) 500 rounds isnt really a "bulk buy" as most guys look at it. We buy rounds thousnads at a time. If you just want 200 rounds of this and 150 rounds of that you;re better off buying at wally world.

  3. When prices were down I bought all my 9mm from Cheaper Dirt 1000 round cases at a time (i got a closet full). Now that prices are up you are better off at WalMart. Keep in mind WalMart will order your ammo for you in bulk if you ask.
  4. Glennfrank

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    Thanks for the links!
    I had actually meant to type 500+ of each type but I know what you are saying Silicon Wolverine. I wasn't planning on ordering more than 2000 rounds total this time out.

    Adjuster - Really? Huh, I didn't know that - you would have thought the guy would have mentioned something when I kept showing up looking for 9mm :) I'll go question him today.
  5. I asked about that at Wally once - but I asked for bulk discount and they said no. So maybe I asked the wrong question.
  6. i had ask if there are any bulk discount before and they said no... i guess they can order it for you just not with discount.
  7. Carbin8r

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    They have good prices and reasonable shipping rates. For 9mm, still hard to beat Wally World even after their recent price hikes....
  8. Glennfrank

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    So I asked tonight on the way home & was told - "I dunno, you'd have to ask the dept manager."
    I said "Well ok, is he here?"
    "Um, do you know when he will be?" (apparently I am sexist)
    "Nope, you can check in everyday though, he'll be here sometime this week"

    God I hate that store.
  9. Ari

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  10. I am a member at sportsmansguide.com, so I get a little break in the prices, plus you can look around and find 5 bucks off of 50 or 10 bucks off of 100 buck coupons on the net and make the price better
  11. Glennfrank

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    I'm a member at Sportsman's guide as well - they too haven't had ammo in stock for a while (Wolf (9mm & .45 in particular).
    I have some sitting in my shopping cart - but the expected date keeps moving out a couple weeks every time the expected date approaches.
  12. sunkenloot

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    I use http://ammunitiontogo.com for my 7.62x54r.

    I cant use any of the surplus at the local ranges so I order the silver bear soft tip at 500 for 165.00.

    Next order I may order some surplus just to stash. They have the bulgarian at 900 rounds for 140.00

    Now the trick with this place is they are in Central Texas and I am in North Texas so the shipping is much lower than using some of the other places so I still wind up saving. Not to mention I havent found anyone that carrys the silver bear locally.
  13. Glennfrank

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    Ordered 1500 .45 cal today from Sportsman's Guide :) Just figured I'd check & the wolf was suddenly in stock.
    Broke it out into 3 shipments as I could then use a $10 coupon on each & saved a heck of a lot in shipping. (and got to use a lot of the coupons I had laying around before they expired).

    Gonna check out the other sites you all recommended, but in the meantime I guess I will keep checking Walmart. :)
  14. "I pretty much used to get all my ammo at wallyworld, but for some reason they seem to get less and less in stock every week. (they haven't had WWB 9mm for 2 weeks!)". Glenfrank

    I went to the local WallyWorldmart where I go and for the first time they had no stock on.........er, let me rephrase that (don't want to upset anyone with out having the "facts" :roll: ).....for the first time since I have gone this is the first they had no stock on the 9's too! Nothing in their warehouse I was told. Didn't know when they would be getting any in and said to call during the week to check.
  15. Huggy

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    Well, the price on 500 rds of wolf 9mm just hopped to $78.82 club price from $71.22 a few days ago.
    I'm kicking myself for not ordering sooner, and I'm grumpy cuz I was waiting on a buddy to go in halves on a bigger order. I ordered 2000 rds, and $20 for shipping, but I had a coupon, and some rewards certificates, so that knocked out the shipping+. I still have to wait until at least June, but I'd rather pay at todays price than what it could be by June :roll: