Where do you guys shoot ?

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  1. The nearest shooting range to my house is 75 miles ! Plenty of country land with open area's and high clay banks, but I don't own any of it :cry:
  2. I just go to Baltimore City, or East St. Louis, depending on what state I'm residing in at the time. Plenty of moving targets, people don't bother calling the police if it's only one or two people firing guns outside their house, and if the dude you cap has a warrant the police give you a "get out of jail free" card.

    Seriously, I go to a shooting range 30 miles away... and I thought I had it bad.

  3. I just drive a few miles out into the desert and shoot. Check out a map sometime that shows just how little of Nevada is privately owned.
  4. There is a crude 100 yd range on the public range about 5 miles from my house. Have to have a hunting license to use it, and it is closed down during deer season.

    It aint much but its better than nothing ;)
  5. There is a very nice range a few miles from my home. Set up for multiple long range shooting and even has an indoor range for 22.
  6. i shoot at a gun club about a mile or so away. they give members a combo to the gate so we can just go shoot. but cant shoot after sunset and before certain times on the weekend, which is like before 8 (not a big deal, i try not to wake up before 8 on the weekends anyways ) :D
  7. Well, I usually either go in the front yard or the backyard. The front yard is a 100 acre field; about 600 yards wide and a half-mile deep. The backyard is about 700 acres, so finding a place to shoot isn't really a problem for me or any of my buddies. We routinely have skeet shooting and plinking days. I've got one of the do-all Aerial Assault target throwers; if you shoot skeet and have your own place to do it, GET ONE!
  8. When I get a new firearm, I'll take a test shot or two in the back yard (five acres), but since we abut a subdivision (90 degrees out of the line of fire, but in hearing distance), I don't push it.

    Currently, all my working arms are OK at the local indoor range, about five miles away. That will change when I finish some projects :) so I don't know what I'll do then. I _think_ there's an outdoor range in the next county, a 180 from Atlanta.
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    Dos some reasearch on your state laws, I'm sure there is plenty of that open land that you can shoot on. You might also ask your gun friendly neighbors, friendsm etc... They might know where you can go close by.

    You can shoot on public land here in NM so long as you abide by the rules. I drive about 20 minutes out into the boonies and let the lead fly.
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    We have two nice ranges very close. But I have been known to shoot 22 humming birds down the long hallway in my house. :wink:
  11. we use the front porch in the spring and fall and the back porch in the summer. And in the winter we open the basement garage door' or if it's raining very hard. the joys of living in the country.
  12. I live in the country too, but it seems like there are so many more people moving out here these days. Every direction you look, a house. Not safe to shoot anything but a shotgun these days :(
  13. I belong to a private sportsman's club....$50 a year

    50 yd range
    100 yd range
    250 yd range
    500 yd range
    Cowboy town
    126 acres....about 90 acres of it is woods.
  14. There is a really nice club about 40 miles south of here, but its 50 bucks a year and what with the price of gas and how often I like to shoot, it would cost me a fortune in the long run hehehe
  15. A go to a range operated by the forest service. It's about 45min from my house. There are benches to sit and shoot rifles and a standing area for pistols. The best part is its only $5 a carload to shoot all day :D
  16. The Missouri dept of conservation has a range @ fingers lake north of Columbia mo. 20 mi away .My oldest son and I shoot at the range west of Fenton mo $3.50 per half day.targets and hearing and eye protection included.That was 2 years ago.It is a controled range and the guys are great to work with.Max rate of fire is 1 round every 3 seconds.
    It has a large parking lot and 20 or 30 cubicals with benches.
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    I got two ranges I go to: Either Ben Avery (open range) or in town to Shooter's World.

    I just went to the latter today, just to work of some frustration, and paid shy of $16 for my range visit. I am thinking of joining them to become a member, so I wont have to pay all the time...that, and I anticipate a weekly range visit for at least 50 rounds...
  18. There's a free, public range about 20 miles south... Not a bad drive, and the facilities are nice... like something you'd find at a gun club. There's also an indoor range about 1 mile away, but you have to pay for that. Still, I often use it when I'm just firing my handguns.
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    I am one of the people who is lucky enough to be able to shoot in my back yard.
  20. Indoor range about 70 miles away from me. There's a outdoor range closer but harder to get to.