Where does your firing pin strike?

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    I took my .45 JHP to the range Saturday, immediately after buying it. I had a few problems, mostly due to my inexperience with the weapon and being a lousy shot, but overall I'm very satisfied with the purchase.

    I was examining my brass afterwards (just out of curiousity), and I noticed that the the firing pin mark was dead-center of the primer in some of the spent shells, but was off center in most of them.

    I've never done that on other weapons I've owned or fired, so this is the first time I've noticed it. Is this something to be concerned about?
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    I noticed the same thing on my JCP .40 I don't think I ever found any brass that would indicate that the firing pin was ever hitting dead center but all my brass right now the strike is off-center. In one instance when I was picking up a ton of brass that wasn't mine I came across a few casings that were the same way. It eased my mind but I don't know if Its supposed to be that way. Makes me wish that the gun came with a factory fired shell to compare to.

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    I know all the brass I gathered was my own, as the booth was immaculately clean (well, as clean as an outdoor booth can be). It didn't seem to affect/effect (whichever) the performance, so I'm more curious than anything else.
  4. As the firing pin has to go through the stress of ejecting the spent brass, it could be that it is slightly bent.

    No big deal unless it gets worse
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    Geez, I hope not. The thing is brand new.
  6. It may be but dont let that worry you if it is only a little.

    If I could choose one thing to change on the Hi Point firearms, it would be that the ejector was something besides the firing pin. They will bend eventually, just a matter of when. If you have any jams like stovepipes and the firing pin hits the jammed round, that increases your chance of the pin being bent.

    If you get to where the firing pin is barely hitting the primer, pull it out and look at it to see if that is the problem.

    Its happened to me a couple of times now, but I was having a lot of jams and that might have hurt the pins.

    Remember when the slide is back the pin is sticking out, so anything that happens in the chamber could hit the pin and tweak it
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    I believe that ejection issues tend to be a result of a bent firing pin, rather than the cause...
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    Can't help ya there. Even after taking a bounce on the highway, my C9 still strikes dead centre on my rounds!

    Don't ask me how....it really shouldn't be that reliable considering what I've put that blaster under....
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    my c9, .40 and .45 all strike just like my xd and 995, dead center everytime
  10. That may be, but something had to happen to begin with to bend it. I have several spare pins and they are all straight.