Where else can someone pick up a fobus hp2 holster for cheap

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    I "ordered" one from srt marketing on ebay. They shipped one and it never arrived, then they shipped another one and it never arrived either. So now they refunded me my money which is fine but there is still no holster.
    Their deal was the hp2 holster for 20$ shipped to my house. Sadly they never used tracking (50cents) or they never shipped the item either. No way of telling but its odd that a seller claims to have shipped something twice and it gets lost twice.

    So where can someone get a fobus holster for around 20$ NEW??
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    Not sure on where you can get a holster but I have delt with this company and never had a problem.

  3. I purchased my fobus directly from the website for $19 shipped and had it in exactly 7 days. I was able to find a dicsount code on-line, but if you register on their site I think they send you them periodically. Good luck, also I would probably call them and see if they have any specials or discounts that they might extend to you...their customer service rivals HP's significantly. :D
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