Where is the 9mm ammo

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  1. Postal4U

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    Has anyone else noticed their local Walley World's lack of 9mm on the shelves. We have 3 within 25 miles of each other and they have been out of 9's for a couple weeks now. :(
  2. gregj

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    I just got 2 boxes of WWB 9mm this past sat at mine, and I think they had 3 or 4 more boxes on the shelves.

  3. Maybe someone won the lottery and was able to finally afford to restock...
  4. No problem here on 9mm; but on Saturday, I had to visit three before I found one with (why do I do this?) .25 ACP.
  5. bought one of two on the shelves. last time i bought wwb 100 it was $15.99 one month later its at $18.99. wtf. im tempted to try the monarch brand over at academy sports for $6.99 the 50 count box. any thoughts or experience with the monarch ammo?
  6. EasyE

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    It feed and fired just fine through my c9. It has a slightly bigger flash than wwb. All in all good for the price.

  7. Ari

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    I haven't noticed that :wink: :D But I have not been wally world in years. I hate that place
  8. Yep, WallyWorld empty over here since last time I was there, almost two weeks ago.
  9. My local Wally World has crap loads of 9mm and .45 ammo but no 40S&W ammo. Of course,....I have a JCP-40!
  10. I was at one of the wally Worlds that is a farther drive for me carries tons of ammo. I bought a 100rd. WWB for $26. The same box of ammo is $52 at the local sporting goods store. They are putting a Wally World in my local town this summer, I hope the carry cheap 40S&W ammo!!!
  11. p7196

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    $26? for 100rnd wwb. Damn did you feel anything hit you in the arse on the way out? I am paying $15.97 at wally world for 100 rnd wwb here.
  12. I just bought 4 (50 count)boxes of WWB 9mm for 9.97 ea. At my local wally world.
    I bought all they had on the shelf.
    They have not had any 100 count econo boxes at all this year.
    I try and buy some every time I go their,about 2-3 times a month.
  13. You might try a tiny url for that link as there are some words/characters in that link that the word censors don't seem to like.... :wink:
  14. This should work .
    Sorry bout that.
  15. $26 was for 40S&W 100rd. boxes of WWB, They had the 9mm for about $16.
  16. About the same here($15 100 round WWB 9mm).
  17. I must live in a lucky area. The Wal Marts around here are stocked full of everything except for hollow points. Even then they are back in stock in a couple of days.
  18. AndrewST

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    I am still paying under $7 for a box of 50 at wally world...they always seem to have it in stock.