where to buy and what price?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by xrugger9, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. xrugger9

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    Hi just started hearing about the hipoint carbine and was wondering where they sell these i.e.(wally world, cabellas, gander etc.) and what price?

  2. BD

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    I found mine at a gun shop 20 miles from my location. I am in Oklahoma (go Sooners) and got mine for $185 including fees.......where are you located?

  3. andrew241

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  4. Bought mine at a local gun shop, $205.00

  5. ibcleary

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    I just picked one up yesterday for $180. Try to get a newer one. One of the shops had an older one and the receiver and stock looked really cheap compared to the one I bought. Also the shop I bought from had it marked at $299 so their other guns wouldn't look so bad. As soon as I said I had seen one for $180 they price matched. Always a good trick.
  6. Huggy

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    Found my second one at Cabela's for $180. Wouldn't that be great if we could get 'em at Wally? :shock:
  7. Ridge

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    Found mine at a pawn shop for $150...I was interested in it because of the pistol grip, 9mm round, and the price! :) Havent been so happy since!
  8. SamW

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    If your local gun shop doesn't have one in stock, ask them to order one for you. You may be surprised at the cost.
  9. I got mine at a Big R.

    Dont know if you have those in your area but they have then on sale for 139 out here quite a bit.
  10. Cost?

    I got my at Gun And Reel Sports (Jamestown, ND) $150 Out the door
  11. I got mine used from a pawn shop for $200 with a bunch of stuff I dont think that I was ever fired before I got it.
  12. Bought mine at a gun show in Dallas Tx $179. I have seen several for sale along with the pistols at the shows in Fort Worth - Dallas Texas area.
    All of the ones at "Regular Gun Sales Locations" have been higher priced so far.
    Good Luck in your quest they are worth the hunt.
  13. dirtygutter

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    I always see them at my local gun shows here in the NW Florida area (stationed at Eglin AFB). that's where i picked up mine. 200 even (taxes included) and it came NIB with a red dot