Where's the .22 Rimfire?

Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by GoesBang, Aug 13, 2014.

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    My favorite comment:

    "22 shells are like the beanie babies of ammo. I will be glad when this is over."​


    Peace favor your sword,

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    In my closet.

    Seriously, I am pretty lucky. I have an Academy just a short jog on my route to work and 2 Walmart's close by. There is another Academy on the way to the range. So a couple times a week I stop in Academy and Walmart and normally get at least 2 boxes of 22 and 1 22 mag. It is like saving money after awhile it adds up. Once or twice a month I can normally pick up a brick of 22. Some I shoot, some I give away and my nieces and nephews and some other family members get some.
  4. Luck was with me tonight, picking up my wife from work at Walmart I always take a walk around the store and check the ammo
    cabinet. Walked by and noticed it fuller then the past few days and really was not looking for 22lr. But the way they stock those
    shelves with Calibers all mixed up. I see 5 boxes of Remington Golden boy 225 packs of hollow points. So I went home with 3 boxes
    and 775 rounds for only $32.38 after my wifes 10% discount reduced to only 3% after taxes. $.04/rd SOLD.
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    Had to stop by Cabela's this evening and lo and behold they had a 200 rd pack of CCI 22mag for $44.00. Bought it.

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    Just something I saw this morning.
    Local Gander Mountain had a re-grand opening.
    Store opened at 9:00 a.m.
    I got there about 9:15 without knowing it was there grand opening. They where giving tickets out at the door for the ammo counter, so I took one thinking maybe I could score a box of 22s as they have had none for the last few weeks and I am taking my son shooting next weekend.
    Wow they must have been hording there own ammo for there grand re-opening as I scored big time.

    1 1400rd BUCK'O'BULLETS $69.99


    10 100rd BOXES CCI MINI MAGS $7.99 EACH

    2 50rd VMAX 22MAG $11.99 EACH

    2 50rd BOXES LAWMAN 9MM $13.99 EACH

    3 100rd BOX REMINGTON 12ga SHOT SHELLS $19.99
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    My LGS says some of the problem finding 22 lr, is the popularity of the 22 lr AR's. They shoot a lot of ammo in very short time
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    I dont know if I believe that. I think the main problem with .22 is hoarders. Greed is driving the mania. Its still cheaper than any other ammo, so when we find it we buy it and stash it. The mfg's are loving it, the retailers are loving it, the gougers are loving it. There is no incentive for prices to come down. It's tullip-o-mania!
  9. I agree with Dagwood. When you see all the hoarders on Youtube and when waiting for the store to open or in line others bragging about about how many round they have stored up, I say it's mostly the hoarders causing this shortage. Yes new owners and resale'rs are part of the problem too. If I buy a brick my wife has it shot up in no time flat and looking for more and right now she exactly ONE round of 22 LR left, :eek: so the hunt is on yet again.
  10. I have to admit, we DO sometimes empty the 25 round mags on our 10/22's as fast as we can goofin around. :eek:
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    Shoot!..... I have a hard time not doin that at least once with my AR.... Till I stop and think, there just went 10-15$....
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    That's part of the problem. How many shooters in the 40 and above age group were raised with a single-shot or other bolt-action .22 and a 50-round box of ammo? Things are different now.

    A few other factors are involved. Lots of new gun owners (thank you, Lord!) have joined our ranks recently, and they need and want ammo. The economy has bumped demand for .22s. It has become the only caliber many people can afford to shoot or stock up.

    I may look like a hoarder or speculator, but I'm not. I buy every round I can find for a close friend who own the classic small-town general store/bait shop/LGS. He sells it 100 rounds at a time to his .22-starved customers. I keep 10 to 15 percent of my finds.
  13. Yeah, we do that too. :eek:
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    NE Utah
    Dude, I think you are confused about how long ago those of us that are 50 were young.:eek:

    I had a 10/22 and banana mags and a folding stock when I was a teenager too, it's not new, at all.;)

    It's not that we couldn't, or didn't do mag dumps. It's that we realized it was silly, and grew out of it.:D

    The rest of your comment I agree with. Lots of new shooters, lots more cool .22 launchers, but in the end, I am certain it is the guys buying and reselling the ammo to those guys that are causing the shortages where I am.
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    "It's not that we couldn't, or didn't do mag dumps. It's that we realized it was silly, and grew out of it." ;)

    Speak for yourself, I still like to do a few mag dumps every now and then. Ya know practice for the zombie apocalypse. Be prepared. :D
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    NE Utah
    Hey, being silly isn't banned, it's just less common than it was back then!:p
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    What I really enjoy about about mag dumps with the 22 is moving as fast as I can from target to target and hitting them accurately. I can only do that at the farm as the ranges around here don't allow it. So I only get to do it a few times a year. Mind you I do burn through a lot of rounds on those trips.
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    My son was visiting (a rare occurence lately) over the weekend and my wife really surprised me by suggesting we go shooting. I think it was a way for her to encourage our son to remember happier times when we would go shooting/camping together as a family.

    I jumped at the chance, even though the last time our son joined me, or even showed any interest in shooting, was back in '09.

    We got out to the range and I set everyone up with their ration of ammo and mags and let them have fun. Fortunately my son still remembered and practiced safe shooting practices, but he has absolutely no concept of the cost of ammo. I heard him go through repeated mag dumps as if he were shooting a BB gun. What should have been a two hour period of shooting was over in under half an hour for him.

    My wife volunteered the rest of her ammo to him despite my protests. I stepped in and explained that the days of cheap ammo are over and that now that he's older (20 y.o.) he should concentrate more on his accuracy and improving his shooting skills.

    When he realized that a single mag dump is about $12~$15 he seemed to get the picture a little more clearly.
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  19. I used to go through 22lr as fast as possible.

    But i have an old bolt gun. with an 8rd mag.

    takes a long time to get threw 50rd when you have to reload so much :D
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    Just for scientific research I loaded up all 4 of my 10 rd mags for my Ruger American. I then proceeded to see how fast I could shoot all 40 rounds at a 50 yd target. I used a 2 inch bulls eye day-glo orange as the bulls eye. I got all 40 rounds in the bulls eye in 2 min 38 seconds as timed by the RSO. Good practice every now and then with a bolt gun.

    I now need to preform scientific research with all my other bolt guns. With the 30-06 I will do 10 rounds at 100 yds but I will need to reload the mag in between. I will work on under 30 seconds as a good time but I do not think I will make it until I get some extra mags.