Where's the gun?

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Loopster, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. These are torso pictures. Trust me you don't want to see more than that. :wink:

    Somewhere in these pictures is concealed a PA-63. Can you see where I'm carrying?

    BTW I also have a cell phone on too.


    Sorry, no prize for a correct guess....

  2. I'm using a #1 Uncle Mike's sidekick, nice comfortable foam holster, fastened to the waistband of my drawers. No problems drawing, doesn't show standing or sitting. I'm real pleased with how well it conceals.

    That bulge on my right side is too much McD's overhanging my cell phone.
  3. mjd932

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    How are you liking that 63? I heard that some of them have some pretty wicked triggers. Can't beat it for the price, plus it looks like a Walther but shoots cheap ammo. Good buy.
  4. Huggy

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    I use the same thing. I found it in the cheap bin at a local shop, but it forces me to draw weak hand, since my lefty holsters are too big for CC.
  5. I draw right hand, but I prefer the gun the left. I prefer to crossdraw for some reason. It's part of th motion of bring the gun in an arc in front me so I can draw down on the target I suppose. I've always done it that way. It's harder for me to draw and sight bringing it up into my field of vision than it is drawing down.