which caliber for shtf

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    This has likely been discussed here, but I'm not finding what I want with the search engine. Short version is this - I'm seriously considering a carbine as a shtf purchase. My wife already shoots a C9 and my other handguns are either 9mm or 38/357. I also totally get that the .45 makes a bigger hole (I come from a pre-Beretta military era). Is there a practical reason for me to buy a .45 carbine over the 9mm? Looks like both are pretty accurate to 100 yards. What say you?
  2. SWAGA

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    The 4595 shares mags with the JHP and 1911 mags can be very easily modded to fit.
    Which means 15 round mags galore.
    As far as I know the 995 and the C9 do not share mags.

  3. cicpup

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    Cheaper ammo vs bigger punch. Which is more important to you?
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    Toting around 200 rounds of .45 is more of a chore than 200 rounds of 9mm. Maybe .40 to split the difference, as .40 ammo was a lot more available than either of the others during the shortage (at least around here.)
  5. talon

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    Whatever you have access to. You can say "X caliber is best" til your blue in the face, if you dont have access to that and enough ammo, its 1000% irrelevant.
    If all you have is a .22lr and a few hundred rounds of ammo, then THAT is the best. ,if all you have is an AK47 and a decent amount of 7.62x39 then THAT is the best, etc, etc....
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    12 gauge. Shotgun shells are everywhere.
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    Answering this question requires a little bit of definition for our parameters. When I hear SHTF, I think of TEOTWAKI and the associated WROL. In that scenario, I agree with SWAGA about the 4595. You would want something that can use a variety of common magazines for a common round.
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    For what it's worth, I would say that since you are already invested in 9mm, stick with it. 9mm might not punch as hard as .45, but I never saw anybody shrug off a 9mm. Its also a good bit cheaper, and easier for smaller shooters to handle. My take is simplicity, only having to worry about load up on a few calibers (or one) that feeds multiple firearms. 9mm is also one of the most common rounds on the planet, so no matter what type of SHTF event happens, you should manage to scavenge up 9mm pretty easily.
    In reality, however, guns are like potato chips, you can't have just one or two! You will end up with a bunch and have all kinds of ammo. My simple plan to ONLY have 12 gauge shotgun and 9mm quickly fell apart. Now I need .223, .32, .45, 7.62 and of course 22LR.
  9. Liberty

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    The best caliber is the one in your hand.

    Or BMG .50 cal.
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    If SHTF happens, it's also not a bad idea to diversify. If you have to scrounge for ammo, and all your firearms are 9mm, guess what ammo you won't find.
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    As you already own the 9mm I would vote for the 995. 9mm ammo weighs a lot less than 45 so you can carry more of it. Also the 9mm ammo is much cheaper than 45. I would recommend at least 4 mags for the pistol and 7 mags for the carbine. I have the 4595 and JHP but I also have 12 mags and plan on getting at least 6 more but they use the same mag. Ok there is my 2 cents.

    My next recommendation is to have at least 1250 rds of ammo for them if they are your main defense weapons. 250 rds for the pistol and 1000 rds for the rifle. This is the minimum ammo I would feel comfortable with.
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    Bigger the better:D

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    well around Walmart today, you sure as sh*t aint buying 5.56 or .223...... rotten bastards have bought up every single box, of every single kind of it....... Aaaannnnd its all over armslist at inflated prices...... Id really like to break into a 30 second tirade of profanity here.... But I'll leave it at this.... ALL the gougers can kiss my entire hairy ass..... I wouldn't buy from them to save their starving kids
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    Thanks for the comments and opinions. I like the idea of diversification and a JHP to go with a .45 carbine appeals to me. Like many on here, my budget is very limited and I already have a "poor man's assault rifle" (94 Winchester), so I'm looking at something my wife can handle in an emergency. Thanks for heads up on the 9mm mags - I was unaware that the C9 and the carbine don't share mags. SWAGA - how difficult is the 1911 mag conversion? Lots to consider.
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    Just an FYI - I did exactly what you are proposing. I started with a C9, than added the 4595TS. Be prepared here is what follows.
    1. Well, having the magazines be compatible would be nice and the pistols are only $150, I think i'll add one the .45 pistol.
    2. Than, you know, 45 pistol ammo is really expensive, for practice maybe I will just add the 995TS since they are inexpensive also.
    3. Wow, there was only .40 left on the shelf. I dont have anything in .40 and the .40 would be every where when it all goes down due to LEOs... Well, the HiPoints are sooo reasonable I can add one more...

      Next thing you know you are MachoMelvin :rolleyes:

    you end up with one 1 of each (for less than some pay for 1 AR)
  17. SWAGA

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    Alternatively there is a aftermarket magazine catch that allows unmodified 1911 mags but the HP mags can't be used anymore.

    Thingmeister just stopped production on those but somebody took over.
    Just don't know who that is.
  18. Django

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    I don't think there is a perfect caliber. I like the diversity of an AR. I have a 5.56 and 7.62x39 upper and .22 conversion. I think handgun caliber is just a personal preference. I happen to like 9mm, .357sig & .357magnum. A shotgun in 12 or 20 is a good all around gun too. Last but not least, .22lr is a great all around caliber that's cheap and light. If I limit to two, I'd go with a 12g and .22lr. I think they would be the most practical and cover most bases and most affordable. Good luck figuring out what you want to go with! It will be an expensive road ahead if you change your mind as much as I do.

    Oops! I need to start reading original posts instead of assuming it was a more open conversation. Uhmmm....9mm carbine! For reasons already stated.
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    Normally i'd come down on the side of more rounds onboard is better but since we're talking hp its not so much an issue. now we come down on the issue of weight to carry whixh leaves me at 9mm because i figure that 100 rounds of 9mm weighs between 60-70% of 45(guessing by grain weights of loads) so that means i can carry more before i scrounge or carry more basic supplies.

    prices lead me to 9mm here can get tola brass max for $22 per 100 i can sometimes find 45 50 round boxes for $18 so i can set back a box of 50 9mm every time i buy ammo and still shoot nearly for the same price.

    45 is sexier
    if your a reloader the small pistol pricers you already have would work for 9mm and only some .45

    I'm just guessing here but i'm guessing the 9mm would be potentially more accurate at longer than 100 yard ranges. due to lighter more aerodynamic rounds at higher velocities.
  20. USMC_VET

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    What I've got 5.56 nato m855 and m193 , both rounds make easy work of soft & hard targets and at CQB range will easily penetrate level III body armor

    My ammo stash is mainly 62 grain and 55 grain but I do have enough 77 grain to fill a couple mags