Which caliber is a better self defence caliber?

Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by ConstantineC9, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Which caliber is more potent, 45 long colt or 44 special?
  2. Joe Sixpack

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    45lc, however a 44 mag will smoke it pretty badly.

    i've never actually shot a 45lc my self though.

  3. What is cheaper factory ammo?
  4. Joe Sixpack

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    oh, someone else will have to field that question im guessing the 45lc but i've never priced it because i dont have one.

  5. I did check a few weeks ago on the 45 long colt and it was expensive, just wondering which one might be better for ammo costs also.
  6. Jarhead1775

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    Get a ....454 Casull. Then you will have more power than a 44 and be able to shoot 45LC.

    Or a S&W 460. Then you could shoot .460, .454 casull & 45LC. One gun does it all.

    If you are going to be shooting these calibers it would be very wise of you to get into reloading. This will offset the ammo costs.
  7. Ari

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    They are very very close, but 45 LC in some loads moves faster. Why do you ask? what were you think about doing?

    I think Rimfirehunter likes to shoot 44pec...
  8. Fenix

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    Didn't know 454 could load 45 LC, thats nice to know. And dang, S&W sure knows how to make a gun.
  9. This all depends on who you ask. The Ruger Super Redhawk 454 is stamped that it will fire either 454 or 45lc, however when I called Taurus, the person I spoke to was just in the customer service section, not an engineer, and said as far as he's ever been told, it is not rtecommended to shoot 45lc in the 454 unless the firearm is designed to do both, and that the Taurus is not.
  10. TnShooter83

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    Since you ask on .44 SPL, and 45 Clolt.

    The 45LC would make the better defence round.
    It has more down range energy, and has even been
    used to take deer from short distances.

    Now, if it were me looking to buy a gun in either caliber I'd pick
    a 44Mag.....It shoots the 44SPL, and when needed you'll have the ability to shoot the 44Mag.
  11. I was thinking .44 mag also, but no one else had mentioned it ;)
  12. bucfan

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    I believe they both will kill anything quite dead if you hit center mass

  13. That's kinda the responce I was looking for, I had found two revolvers in the pawn shop for a reasonable price and liked both.
  14. Carbin8r

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    Honestly, the one YOU shoot better with.

    It may sound tired, but any caliber you hit with will be better than one you miss with. One you shoot more accurately with will be better than one you don't.

    I am not really familiar with either caliber, but both *should* be more than sufficient. To me, gun handling would be the bigger factor so I'd go with the one that had the better ergonomics and suitability for carry for me.

    There's a lot of dismissive talk about 9mm, but the ammo is still cheap enough I can practice a LOT. By my figuring, that will more than make up for the theoretical stopping power difference between it and a larger caliber (at least in most SD situations I can think of).

    I now also have a .45 ACP 1911. I'll shoot it a bit, but it won't be a primary defense gun for quite a while until I have good technique with it which will take longer as I won't be shooting it as much (at least not at this time).

  15. Well I am fond of larger calibers, I do own a C9 9mm but I would grab my JCP 40 quicker than my 9mm, that's the reason I bought it.
  16. Look at it this way a 25cal is better then a stick. so if you can shoot a 22cal better than a 40cal use the 22. Yes I know a few people who were shot with a 22cal also have seen a fellow nicked with w 45cal. the nick took almost an arm off, the 22 made three pin holes a Large black and blue spot. the fellow nicked dropped the 22 pin holes kept on comming . so take it all with a grain of salt . Trust what you will but I would rather hit some one once with the big cal that I can handle than hit him three times and he keeps om comming. Practice as much as you can for when the time comes you donot have the time to think it out befor the fire is apon you.
  17. doktor

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    You mentioned the choices were for self defense, is it for home defense, keeping in your vehicle, as a concealed carry, or open carry? The decision needs to be based as much on how it will be used or carried, as the caliber. In a self defense situation at home, almost any weapon will work, many will use a 12-16 gauge shotgun for home defense, to reduce bystander injuries. If for a vehicle long guns are all but eliminated, but if for personal defense, and it will be carried on a pretty much daily basis, take into consideration how it will be carried, many of the larger caliber handguns to make shooting them tolerable, necessitates putting enough weight to avoid "punishing" the shooter excessively. If any weapon becomes too heavy, as determined by the person carrying it, then the weapon may start spending less time carried and more time sitting in the cabinet. Concealed carry, in general, relies on the weight bearing on the waist-band, which can be very noticeable, if the weapon is fairly heavy, again, resulting in less carrying time and more shelf time.
    With warmer weather approaching, the amount of "concealing" clothing can be reduced.
    The lighter weight a weapon is, the more likely it is to "travel" well. I pretty much carry an Airweight SW .38, with +p ammo, in a small of the back, in an in the waistband nylon holster, with 2 speed-loads in the front. I wear a long-tailed shirt with the tails left untucked. I am a fairly big dude, about 240 +/- depending on grazing the salad bar, or the burger joint, but the Smith is "comfortable" all day, were I to carry, say, a 1911 full size, I might start thinking it is getting heavy after a couple of hours, I also have a North American Arms .22 revolver in my rear pocket.
    The smaller caliber with you is a lot more effective than the massive caliber that isn't.

  18. Hmm.. I always liked the 44special-- maily because most (if not all) 44mags can handle the lighter round. I always equate the 44spl about the same as a 45ACP in terms of knockdown-- the 45lc I shoot is usally "cowboy loads" so I can't vouch for which is better straight on..

    I can tell you-- getting hit with either will ruin your day...

  19. Ari

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    I just talked to guy who does some backwoods fishing in Alaska he carries a single action 45 LC. He says a 45 LC loaded hot with hard cast bullets will go right through any bear and break both shoulders. He also said that it is no where near the kick of the 44mag. That is why he likes it.

    If he was telling the truth or not I do not know as I have never tried it.
  20. Ari

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    Not if you need to make a tight close shot.