Which caliber is best????

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    I've always been a big supporter of the bigger is better crowd on this until recently. I always carried a .45 ACP, and I always thought smaller rounds weren't effective.

    My opinions have somewhat changed as of late. Due to an arm injury, I have downsized my everyday carry from a 1911 to a 9mm, and sometimes a .380. Because of this I have been reading up on the real life performance of smaller calibers. Two articles here and here are particularly interesting. In the second article, the author's data implies that there is very little real world differences in the incapacitating effects of handguns all the way down to the .22.

    If any of you are interested, have a read. I'd be interested in your thoughts.
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    I saw an incident reported on TV, don't remember if it was current news or one of those murder shows, 48 hours, or what. But these kids murdered a few people. One guy, the girls father I think, they tried to kill with a .22. They shot him 8 times, 4 in the head. they left him for dead. He got up after they left, and went to a neighbors and called police. He testified in the trial. If that was a .40, he would not have got up. Maybe a .380 or 9mm would have done the job. Like they say, shot placement is the key. If a .22 hits the right spot, it will stop them. But you can be a little off with bigger bullets. I got a .40 for the truck, I'm going to get another .40 for home. I don't carry yet, but if/when I do, I'd like to get a Kahr CM40.

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    I bought a JHP because it was the only .45 I could afford.
    I carry a .380 because that just happened to be the most concealable gun on sale that I could afford.
    I bought a .357 Taurus as it was the only Magnum I could afford.

    So there's a trend there.
    The .380 is my carry gun because I can conceal it wearing dress pants or shorts.

    The .45 and .357 are my house guns as they are too large to carry.
    I'm not a particular caliber fan-boy but I do believe in using the largest caliber you can use/afford/carry.

    I open carry the .357 or .45 at the range or inside the house when I'm breaking in a new holster.

    I have long thought about a .22lr as a carry gun because I couldn't afford another caliber gun of small enough size.

    Any of them will do.
    It's about distance and shot placement.
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    I'm no expert, but in my opinion 9mm on up is sufficient in the hands of a skilled shooter who maintains his wits about him in a stressful situation.

    Debating which is better between all the different calibers is akin to the Chevy vs. Ford or Castrol vs. Valvoline or B cup vs. DD cup.

    Personal choice.
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    Agreed.... Its about personal preference.... And shot placement....

    A .380 is just as deadly as a 50AE...

    I find it interesting that people still argue about caliber. (not that it is being done here).... Personally, I am not a caliber snob. If it has the power to penetrate the target, I will use it...
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    I own MANY calibers, but when I go out back to shoot I usually think about my pocketbook? I end up shooting the 9's, everything else is either too expensive or hard to find!
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    That's another reason I like the .40, there is ALWAYS .40's on the shelf at Walmart. Since LEO use them, they are everywhere. I'd like to have something smaller and cheaper to play with, but my budget doesn't allow for everything I want....
  8. SWAGA

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    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1407883322.112226.jpg

    That's at 15' with my .380
    Good enough.......
  9. bluharley

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    Looks like some sinus problems after that!
  10. greg_r

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    I think in the Hi Point platforms the 9 mm makes the best sense. I own the 380, and Have no plans to get rid of it, but let's face it, the Hi Point in its "compact" version is built around the 9.

    The jury is out on the JHP/JCP. A month ago I would of said the 45, but now I am leaning towards the 40.

    The carbine will be my next purchase, I am leaning heavily towards the 40 there also.
  11. SWAGA

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    I would only ever consider the 4595 for the simple reason I really don't need another pistol caliber.
  12. shepherd321

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    The best caliber. The largest that you will have on you and use quicker than your foe.
  13. moona11

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    I don't think its about the size of the bullet, but the kind of bullet and powder plus shoot placement are what counts.
  14. Placement and luck. I have seen 1st hand a .177 pellet pass between the ribs, threw a lung, puncture the diaphragm and then rupture the stomach. Without rapid surgery it would have been fatal.

    On the other side, a Army medic buddy tells me of a 7.62 hitting the flank of a soldier, tumbling between the skin and the peritoneum, traveling around the outside of the abdomen and exiting the far flank. My buddy and thought the guy was killed for certain until he got up and ran for cover. Upon examination by the medic it was determined that the soldier in question needed to buy more lotto tickets.

    Both stories are pretty rare occurrences but the point being that a large round may not get the job done though pure luck and a small round placed well will most likely be enough.

    Shoot what you like, it will be fine 99% of the time.
  15. TRWXXA

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    ANY caliber is better than NO caliber.

    A lot of people base their opinion on best personal defense caliber on what they see law enforcement carry -- "If they need a .45, then I gotta get a .45 too."

    The reality is that LEOs and private citizens have different needs. Anyone who engages police in a shootout is seriously motivated to kill, and is willing to die in the process. LEOs carry what they know will drop a BG in a hurry, and they don't need to worry about concealability. Unfortunately, a lot of LEOs will advise carrying what they carry. But remember, they are coming at the topic based on THEIR different perspective as a law enforcement officer.

    John Q. Public is likely to run across the opportunistic dirtbag. They see what they think is an easy payday, and will usually flee at the first sign of resistance. The situation where you feel the need to draw your weapon will probably be over before it clears the holster -- the creep is already heading for the hills. No matter how much they want your wallet, they aren't willing to get shot over it (they may be criminals, but they are not stupid). And they aren't going to stick around to see what caliber your gun shoots.

    Even if you seek personal protection because of a specific threat (crazy ex., stalker, etc.) the biggest caliber still may not be what you need. I know that there is a chance that I could be involved in a workplace shooting or some other mass shooting. But the odds are far slimmer than being victimized on the street. If I wanted to go strapped for the worst case scenario, then I'd have to be packing a shotgun or AR15M4-A3 everywhere I go. But I gotta be realistic.

    All that being said... Carry the largest caliber firearm that gives you the best compromise between concealability, speed and accuracy. Even a well-placed .22LR round is more effective than a bunch of .45ACP sprayed all over the place.

    I have said before that I run across alot of people who think the .380 is a horrible defense round. But I have yet to find a single one of them willing to get shot by it.
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  16. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Actually, LEOS carry whatever the bosses say to carry, and that doesn't always mean the one that drops bad guys. It can be preference by the big dog, cronyism, good sales pitches, budget, or even kickbacks. You just never know.

    The Utah State HP is going to the 9mm G17, dropping the .40 G22. Why? Cheaper ammo, easier for non-gun guy troopers to handle. Nothing to do with stopping bad guys.

    The detectives in a town nearby carry single stack Glock .45s, because they carry well in a shoulder holster, and are cool. Their own agency's patrol guys carry Glock 22's, the same as the USHP is getting rid of.

    Anyway...one should never base his decision on "what the cops carry".;)

    Exactly right, IMHO, and backed by most statistics as well.:)
  17. I have heard a few "gun experts" (you know the guys who teach tactical classes military and LEOs) recommend the 9mm because of recoil management. I have heard others recommend .45 for immediate incapacitation. I would suggest shooting them all so you can determine which you like the best.
  18. Ill take an 380 in JHP anyday over a FMJ 45.

    MY point is, if the 45 or 9 go in one side and out the other. no one knows how much energy was actually transmitted into the target. If the 380 expands and stops inside. We know he got ALL of the energy.

    Which one puts more energy into the target? i have no freaking clue. even balstics gel isnt realistic. Because the bullet always stops and transfers all of its energy into it.
  19. shepherd321

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    Mostly I carry my ppk/s 380 with fmc ammo.
  20. TRWXXA

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    You are correct. I probably should have said, "... what LEOs want to carry." Their issued weapons are often chosen because of economics and the Chief's preference.

    I wish the statistics were better. Unfortunately stats on crimes that are deterred by a firearm are mostly estimations because who the hell records crimes that DON'T happen? And often the would-be victims don't even call police because they are afraid they might get in trouble for utilizing a firearm (such is the current anti-gun culture). They are content that the scumbag ran away.