Which cars would you buy?

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  1. gun

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    Was somewhat inspired by the ask next person a question thread.

    If you could buy a vehicle in various price ranges, what would you buy? Notice the ranges below should keep it out of the super exotic and better grounded such that people might even want to look at what you recommend. Also, please explain the reasoning behind it.

    < $20,000?
    Probably would look at a Mazda 3 four door with automatic. If you want something a little more sporty, a stick and a hatchback is always an option; though with fewer options.

    The frugal buyer in me sees this a good intersection of sporty handling and economy. The current year gets 40mpg in real world, not just EPA rating, and on 167HP and of 150 ft/lb of torque. The car consistently gets good reviews as a sporty-ish, fun to drive (good handling), economy car. Most agree the marketing slogan, "Zoom Zoom", fits well with the overall package.

    < $30,000?
    Looks like a Hyundai Sonata 2.0t Limited. I'm past my dedicated sports car days and a sporty sedan is more to my taste. It also allows for business as well as the kids and grand kids. Has a direct injection turbo four cylinder cranking out 274HP and 269 feet of torque on 87 octane and still gets 24/34 MPG (26 combined) with real world claims generally meeting or beating its EPA rating. Not to mention the luxury level is what you'd more commonly find in the < $40k range. This car has effectively dethroned the Camry and more or less redefined the mid sized sedan class (almost everyone is moving to 4-banger turbos away from v6s).

    Honestly, this car is just a sedan but it frequently out performs (both inside and out) others in the sport sedan class for much less cash. What's not like. Oh ya...WTH, a Hyundai? Guess so. And the scary part is, technically you can get in on the ground floor here in the previous price category via the GLS.

    < $60,000?
    The BMW M5 sedan departs from the economy category of the others above but in this price range, who cares. This car is renowned for its performance and luxury and I rarely find bad things said. Though honestly, this isn't my sort of thing. If I had $60k to spend on a car, I'd probably spend it on aviation and something in the < $30,000 range. To me, cars in this class are all about showy materialism and that's not me.

    The sad thing is, for the vehicles I'd been looking at, I haven't found a single US brand which interests me. Not in the least. I'm a believer when people say these companies should have been allowed to fail.
  2. duster066

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    <20K, a cheap used pick up. I buy well under 20k.
    <30k, V8 RWD manual sedan.
    <60K, I'd never even consider these cars.

    I always have to have a hot rod around for fun. RWD, manual, and light are the only rules. They are always old, and never cherry.

    I prefer Fords, but have done a bit of most. They all run and all will break.

  3. gun

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    Oh come on now. Which used truck? Why? Which sedan and why? As for the 60k, I'm with ya...its a reach but, eh, why not. What would it be?

    When you buy cars there's always something that effects your decision other than price. Sometimes its that odd color. Other times its got that rear end you need. So come on now...a little more detail please.
  4. duster066

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    Which and why doesn't matter to me. I've done a little bit of everything and have found them all serviceable. I'm pretty simple when it comes to cars. Any brand preferences, by me are irrational at best. If it is what I need, in a condition I'll accept, and the right price I'll buy it. I require front engine rear wheel drive, because I know how to predict what they will do when things get hairy. I demand a manual transmission because I hate begging for a gear. I prefer American cars, but only because they are American. I currently drive a 90 Ranger 4.0, a 07 Mustang GT, and a 73 Duster.
  5. Jeeper2

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    Hah! Back in Aug 2008, I got a brand new Ram quadcab with the hemi for $19600 out the door! bwaaahaaaahaaa! That's my daily ride!

    My toys are a pair of 22 year old Jeeps...a YJ Wrangler and an SJ Grand Wagoneer...you haven't lived till you try and feed one of those old waggies!
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  6. Tyche

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    $20,000 - Nothing exists in the quality I would want.
    $30,000 - $40,000 - Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (oh, wait . . . I have one, Mountain Edition)
    $40,000 - $50,000 - Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, and then add on from there.
    $60,000 - Sorry, I don't buy "names". And the "luxury" cars are all a case of buying a name.

    Reason: Ex-professional driver - Delivery vans, straight beds, semis, buses - in some of the worst condition roads and worst weather that Western New York could produce. I was even a transportation coordinator. I've had vehicles that went up on 2 wheels from my having to put it in the fog lane (breakdown lane) to avoid a head on collision. Two years later I had the same situation on the same stretch of road with a Jeep Wrangler, and it stayed on all 4 as if to say, "OK, what's next?" I've used a Wangler to pull a guy uphill on ice (with stock street tires on the Jeep). I've used a Wangler to pull a HUMVEE tour car uphill and around a corner. I've gone through potholes that caused a car to break the front suspension. And I've hauled loads up to 1/2 ton with my latest Jeep when we moved from an apartment to a house (about 30 miles at speeds up to 70 MPH).

    Does that answer your question? :)
  7. duster066

    duster066 Supporting Member

    I had an old beater Wangler. It was the best fishing truck I've had because nothing that happened to it would hurt it's value. I loved that truck, and kept it going to long.
  8. Jeeper2

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    My Wrangler is 22 years old...187K miles. If I have to trust one vehicle with my life, to get anywhere, anytime in any weather, it's my 22 year old, 4 cylinder 5 speed Wrangler "S". $10,400 new in 1989. It's impossible to keep a Wrangler going "Too Long". The only thing you can't replace (easily) is the VIN plate! Everything else can be sourced new or rebuilt!
  9. Shooter

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    I would just have varying degrees of a modified Cherokee.
  10. showpare

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    $20k - Restored/customized/ multi-cammed 1977 Ford 4x4 F-150 w/ winch-she can ride in the vette, too.
    $30k- new Honda Accord
    $60k- Corvette. Make it a red convertible
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