Which do you like better?

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  1. Which do you like better the Hi Point 9mm pistol or the Hi Point 45 acp pistol? I am goint to pick up a 9mm or 45 acp pistol today. What do you think is a better choice a 45acp pistol for extra gun or 9mm compensated for cheaper ammo prices?
  2. I have both, and they both are fine guns that fill a different need.

    The C9 is a good pistol that shoots cheaper ammo and is certainly lethal, but some people prefer the JHP45 for home defense because of the larger caliber IE going with the bigger hole is better when shooting someone theory.

    If what you want is strictly for plinking, the C9 does a fine job and the ammo is cheaper

  3. So in other words you would use a 9mm for home defence? Because that's really the case, I like the ammo to be cheaper but if I should keep a 45 acp ok.
  4. Corelogik

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    I have never felt 'under gunned' with my 9mm's. However I wouldn't mind having a .45 either. If your primary criteria is purely cost, go with the 9mm.
  5. Joe Sixpack

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    i bought a c9, im a fan of 9mm i dont like .40 and if i get a .45 it's either gonna be a taurus or para ordinance.

    i must cry ignorance on the .40 and .45 Hi-points.. they simply looked to big for me to be interested in so i did'nt even pick one up.
  6. Ok, thanks, I already have one C9 but i want another Hi Point and i think i will go with the 9mm then.
  7. Well I was thinking the same thing, a compact 40 or 45 would look a lot better for Hi Point, ill get another 9. Does anyone know the difference in the compensated and the regular compact?
  8. Joe Sixpack

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    the compensated is longer because it has a longer barrel as well as the compensator, even if you take the comp off it will have extra barrel hanging out of the slide.
  9. I already bought another 9mm, I found a nice Springfield Xd 9mm. My C9 will be enough Hi Point, for now.
  10. The sage words of my NRA instructor:

    "For home defense, choose the largest caliber you can handle."
  11. Dang, I just bought another 9mm, the Springfield Xd 9mm.
  12. my last pistol was a ruger p97dc in .45...excellent gun. i traded it for a motorcycle i later sold for 1200.00. i thought i came out pretty good. i recently saw this hi point .45 and got it. up til a week ago i didn't even know what hi point was. i guess the real answer is to go with what makes you happy. :wink:
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    I have both and like the .45 a little better. It jams less and is a little more accurate. On the other hand the C9 is more attractive and better balanced.
  14. Ok, thanks guys, I appreciate it.
  15. I am a fan of the .40 S&W, almost if not equal to the power of a .45 with the flat trajectory of the 9mm.

    The first .40 cals I have ever owned have been the .40 pistol and carbine, and I like them both a lot.
  16. I am quiet fond of the 9mm to get things done, be it home defense or concealed carry, so I have a biased opinion when it comes to comparing the 9 to the 40 or 45.

    XD's are really nice pistols and the compacts make perfect carry weapons. You will enjoy the XD, and the best thing is you can share ammo with your C9. That makes it nice when purchasing ammo, only one caliber to deal with. I have the C9, S&W 9VE (Sigma) and HiPoint 995, this keeps things simple when I purchase ammo or sit down and reload. For reloading this means one powder, one bullet and one load for range use. Cant get no simpler than that in my book.
  17. Cool, that's what I was thinking, I can share ammo with the new Xd 9mm and C9 9mm.
  18. 1motion

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    jo sixpack needs to pick up a .45, sure they look big but they really only about the same weight as a steel frame gun. it has a natural point of aim and little recoil making it a fun gun to shoot and makes rapid fire shots easy.

    the 9mm has proven it can get things done but i prefer something with a little more punch, like a caliber begining with a 4.... after shooting my .45 and a freinds c9 back to back this weekend i would say that the .45 only has slightly more recoil than the c9, granted they are totally different sizes but the kick is comparable

    i would say if you want to hide the gun then go with the c9 but if you are just looking for a home defense gun then you cant go wrong with a hi point .40 or .45..... ammo price shouldnt effect your decision on defense, it should only be a factor if you just want something to plink around with... thats how i feel about it anyways
  19. Hmmm, well I do have a 12 gauge shotgun but it is a single shot break down and im not positive I want a single shot for primary home defence so I bought the C9 9mm.