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Which firearm is the replica?

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Monson (MA) police investigators developed information that methamphetamine was being distributed from a residence and on January 25th, officers executed a search warrant at the suspects’ address. Multiple items including suspected methamphetamine, three firearms (two of which had defaced serial numbers), a replica firearm and multiple rounds of ammunition were seized.

I see a Glock (#1), a Walther P38 (#4), a Lorcin L22 (#3), and I'm guessing #2 is the "replica".
Oh, and the AR mags must go to an -invisible- ghost gun.

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Maybe the P-38 is the replica? I remember as a kid w/ the Collector's Armory catalog drooling over all the guns I'd read about in the history books.
I was figuring the P-38 was the replica, too. That muzzle looks like it had an orange tip changed so it didn't glow as a fake anymore.
No….guys. That’s a P38 mag in the bottom top right corner. And those are 9 mm….and now you know why the .45 guys laugh at 9 mm.😂
Seriously. I own a P38, and that’s what the gun uses. The front sight looks like it’s been broken or filed off. But that’s what the base looks like.
I don’t think gun three is a replica, I think it’s a POS. To me, gun #2 looks fake. Look at the muzzle.
Here’s a P38 mag….
Why does the muzzle look like it does?
If we're talking about the P80, it looks like the slide is not fully in battery & the muzzle is just peeking out. Maybe the recoil spring isn't seated properly, or is missing all together, or got put in backwards, or there's a .38 Super round stuck in the chamber...
Nah, I was referencing the P-38. The muzzle looks like the aftermath of doing something to get rid of an orange tip like you'd see on an airsoft gun. Do regular P-38 muzzles look line that?
ajole can answer better, but looking @ DDG image search it looks as if the front sight is mounted on a ring pressed onto the bbl.

From reddit:

That makes sense.
I'm getting the impression that the actual fake weapon isn't in the picture.
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