Which gun? Glock 21, Rock Island 1911, Ruger p90?

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  1. Which gun would you pick? I am considering one of the three, Glock 21, Ruger p90, Rock Island 1911(45acp). ?

    I tried to make a poll but im an idiot so it didn't work.
  2. browwiw

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    I have an Armscor 1911 (which is pretty much what the Rock Island is) and it have never, ever done me wrong.

    That said, a Glock is a Glock and you can be all "Hey, lookit me, I got a Glock!"

  3. Well, I picked these three because there in my price range and Glock is super reliable, Ruger is super reliable and I also love 1911's, I have also heard a ton of good things about the Rock Island.
  4. Depends on which feels best in your hand. Does hi-cap matter? Does a slide mounted safety/decocker matter? Glock=polymer, P90=alumanum frame, 1911=steel. All 3 have advantages; just depends what you are wanting it for.
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    RI 1911, this gun is also on my soon to purchase list.
  7. I thought you were going for a Desert Eagle?????
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  9. Definately the RIA 1911, I love mine.
  10. Strangerous

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    *ahem* (look at my signature)
    :lol: 1911 Hands DOWN.

  11. In my dreams :cry:
  13. The 1911 is a 1911, the Glock is the most reliable semi-auto in the world, Ruger is pretty close to Glock and has better looks. Looks like there's a lot of 1911 lovers here.
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    Looks like you don't like the poll results :wink: , if you're set on a glock then glock out with you clock out 8) .
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    Not all Glocks are the same:
    My favorite is this:
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    Cough cough cough! :lol: Back that truck up buddy :wink: This is the most reliable pistol in the world.

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    I own a 1911: It has served along time in our military.
    Glock? I shot one: wasnt happy about the grip angle.
    XD felt right along with the 1911.

    I may be weird, but I like how the 1911 feels in the hand. Even though mine is a RIA GI 1911.

    Its all about how it fits and feels in your hand.
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    Easy fix with an after-market Firing-Pin-block lever. $30, install it in 5 min. Virtually eliminates over-travel, and greatly shortens take-up, and reset. I agree, I hate the factory trigger, but it's a $30 to make it the PERFECT weapon.