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Which Handed?

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I'm considering a C9 to go with my 995 but I'm a total newb when it comes to pistols in general. Here's my situation. I'm a lefty. I've got two lousy eyes but my right is dominant, so I'm re-learning to shoot long guns right-handed. Lots and lots of rounds thru a Ruger 10/22 is helping. That's one thing. The other is that I've got some carpal tunnel action going on in my right wrist. So, when I take up pistoling, which hand should be squeezin' the trigger, assuming I want to minimize the recoil to my right hand/wrist?

My Remington 870 Tactical just kicks me into next week, regardless.... :D
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If you are a lefty and you have carpel whatever in your right wrist then you should shoot left handed, no problem.
I'm a righty who is left eye dominant. I shoot long guns left handed but, do to similar wrist injuries, shoot pistols with my right hand but cross over to my left eye. It works fine and keeps your dominant hand squeezing the trigger.

Sounds like a mirror-image to my situation. Thanks!
Im a lefty...but left-eye dom....one possible solution would be a c9 comp with the lazer....wouldnt mater wich eye you use then....JMHO
Actually with Carpal Tunnel you should go with a good revolver 4" barrel about a 357 magnum [and use .38 cal]
Im left eye dominant, but it all feels better in my right hand. I only write left handed but do everything else as a righty. I shoot ok with both hands, both eyes open but recently ordered a IWB CCW holster for a lefty. Im hoping if I start carring and using my left more often it will start to feel natural. Good Luck However!
Left hand grip...two hand hold...both eyes open...front sight focus
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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