Which holster for a Hi-Point .40 cal?

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  1. fiVe

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    Which holster is best for a JCP .40?

    Uncle Mike's? (which one?)


    Thanks for the info.
  2. Depending on what kind of holster you are wanting, Hi Point sells a nylon holster that fits the .40 and .45 pistols. Has a slot for an extra clip and will work left or right handed.

  3. fiVe

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    I see the N150 Vega Holster on Hi-Point's web site. Where would I find this nylon holster you mentioned?
  4. Does anyone have the actual Hi Point website bookmarked, not their distributor MKS?

    Its on my laptop, which is in the shop.

    Hi Point themselves have a website, all they sell on it though is accessories for their weapons. There is where the holster is that I am talking about.

    Anyone? Help? :roll:
  5. I did not know about that site before. Thanks for posting that!
  6. Its a good site for Hi Point accessories, and I dont know of many places that you are going to beat the prices.

    Also, the prices are postage paid, and if you buy more than 100 bucks of accessories at once you get a nice Hi Point t shirt :)

    fiVe, there is a member of the forum that has a holster for sale in the for sale thread, you may want to check it out, there are some good deals there.
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  8. See my thread "Cool holster for all Hi-point models"...
  9. fiVe

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    Lots of great info here -- especially the web sites. Thanks!
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    I have an Uncle Mikes size 2 and a Fobus HPP. I like the Fobus much better.

  11. That is absolutely gorgeous! :shock: :shock: :D
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    + 1 on the Fobus holster for the 40 cal. I have one for all of my guns. :shock: They are confortable to wear and do the job. :D Try the Fobus, they have the same lifetime warranty as HP has. Enjoy :D