Which is better?

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Which should I get?

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  1. 380Comp

  2. C-9Comp

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  1. guardian

    guardian Guest

    I am looking to get a new handgun but am not sure which to get. I am looking at the .38 Comp or the C9 Comp. Is one better over the other? I am leaning towards the 38 more but I am looking at the C9 comp because i have the 9mm rifle high point offers and its a great gun.
  2. I didn't vote since I don't own either gun.
    I wanted a C9 Comp but couldn't find one anywhere & I hate buying stuff online. I had to settle for a C9 instead but I'm not sorry at all. It shoots great & is easy to control.

    If you already own the 995 Carbine then I would recommend that you get the C9 Comp. This will keep you from having to buy separate ammo for them.
    The 9mm is also a little more powerful than the .380 is.

  3. Corelogik

    Corelogik Member

    If all else was equal, I would get the 9mm just because it has more power and is a bit cheaper than .380.
  4. C9

    same ammo as rifle - less expensive, you'll shoot it more. More powerful than 380.
  5. mill419

    mill419 Member

    I vote C9!

    +1 on the ammo reason.
  6. guardian

    guardian Guest

    I have another firearm that will shoot a 38 round so I am not worried about ammo. I have always been told that a 9mm out of a pistol is rather inaccurate. Is that still true with today's firearms like these? Also this might be a dumb question but does the rifle and the pistol both use the same clip or are they different? I know there are some guns out there that way so i thought I would check.
  7. I've never heard 9mm out of hand gun is inaccurate, ever. Any ammo and any gun, depends what you're using to measure accuracy. All my handguns that shoot 9mm are as accurate as I am - said another way, accuracy is my problem, not the guns!

    995 and C9 use different magazines.
  8. Never like the 380, with 9mm being cheaper and easier to find, there really isn't any point getting a 380.
  9. C9, i own a comp modal, and side by side, I do not hing the comp does a damn thing but look cool. It scares democrates, so it does its job. I take taht back C( COMP.
  10. I have all the guns you are talking about. I have the 380 the 9mm and the 995 carbine. got some more too but lets stay with the question, If it were me I would get the 9mm just for the cheaper ammo and you can use it in both guns. the 380 is a sweet shooting gun, but so is the 9mm. you cant tell the differance in them when you hold them. they are exactly the same size and weight. so just for the added advantage of only one ammo I would go for the 9mm. :lol:
  11. i voted c9.. more zip vs 380.. has the same frame.. plus 9mm ammo should be easy to bulk up with..
  12. guardian

    guardian Guest

    Well I think there has been a valid point made here. I should get the C9-comp. Thanks for the help on this very important decision. I guess the only thing left to do is go look at accessories :D
  13. Corelogik

    Corelogik Member

    Wish I could find a C9 Comp,.. My dealer, who has most HP's in stock, has had a couple of comps on backorder for 3 months,...

    You will love you new C9, it is without a doubt one of the smoothest shooting 9mm's I have ever tried.
  14. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    .380 is just too... "un-plinked"... folks will buy 50 rounds of .380, load their mags, carry for 1 month, fire that 50 off at the range, buy another 50, and repeat... Which makes the .380 price high, FWIW anyways. i know many pawn shops that carry different calibers of ammo, but not a single .380 round in the place.
  15. The 995 magazine will fit in the C9. The C9 magazines (8 rd or 10 rd) will NOT fit in the 995. Buy plenty of both and do not mix them up. HP does not recommend the use of the 995 mags in the C9.