Which Magazine Loader do you recommend ?

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  1. I have a C9, .45 and a 995 to load.
  2. I like my fingers personally :lol:

    The only mag loaders i've used belonged to a buddy. You needed em to max out the mags for his pt-92 and G-19


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    Definately finger and thumb! REAL men use their hands and NOT rely on loaders :wink: :lol:
  4. With that said and you showing your true colors, my wife will also be shooting and I'd rather not spend all my time loading the mags as she shoots. I'd also like for her to be able to load for herself and yes if it is quicker, I'll use it. What the hell gives you the right to question someone's manhood, I guess since you are hiding behind a computer it is alot easy for you.
  5. Hitmanharley,
    I think they were just throwing some friendly sarcasm your way.
    Personally I don't use one, but have often thought one would be nice...especially after about the fifth time you reload a mag in cold weather and those mag lips start eating at your thumbs !!
    Check this out..

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    Simmer down. it WAS A joke. I'm sorry if you took it the wrong way I guess the humer group took a vacation as everyone out seems to be PO with anything said ment in jest. I guess I will take a vacation for a while
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    the Maglula Uplula is indeed a fantastic loader, it works great on my berretta and taurus 92's, i dont have a glock but i've let people use it on their glock mags works great on those as well..

    It works ok on hi-point mags but i had a problem with the mag shifting a bit and getting caught on the mags lips.. if you can keep it lined up it's a snap.
  8. I thought the same thing.My fingers work just fine.which came first fingers or mag loaders.Mine got cold lastnight too.
    This a family well of sorts.
  9. I like the ADCO Super thumb for the Hi-point mags. I also have the UPLULA and find it doesn't work as good with the Hi-point mags as it does with others.

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  10. You are absolutely right. For some reason, I have seen that the Uplula tends to make my rounds nose down in my Hi-Point mags, causing them to jam on the feed ramp as they feed. Once I get home and have time to polish the feed ramp on my 995, I don't expect to have these same problems.
  11. Im sure Biggunz and shooter z were just goshing you a bit bro... I have been on here for a while and I am sure there was no disrespect intended.

    I have not ran into any rude behavior on this forum like I have found on alot of other forums. Just some friendly joshing...

    Let us know what loader you decide to go with. And I load every pistol mag with this loader. My 17rd M&P mag take about 20 sec to load. Most of the time I am stumbling trying to get the round out of the box and that slows me down. But that loader will be the best money spent. And your other half will not complain about having to load mags so YOU will get more trigger time!!!! Lets be honest isnt that what matters lol A happy woman and shooting... The perfect combo
  12. My wife read the thread and felt like they we being true jerks with their comments, not thinking before they opened their mouths and trying to be smart asses in the process.

    It was a simple question. Which Mag loader do you guys prefer ?
    Not, do you prefer your thumb or a Mag loader or what do real men use to load Mag's ?

    It has always baffled me as to why folks respond to a thread when they add no value to it ? Thanks for the replies that included your preference on mag loaders.
  13. What I am seeing is the UPLULA pushes the bullet into the mag from the front. This motion along with the hi-point follower causes the bullet to nose dive in the mag. I found that the best way to load the Hi-point mag is to push the bullet down at the rear of the mag.
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    How does a mag loader work? Do you just shove the mag into the bottom of the loader and the shells go into the mag? Don't you still have to load the loader? Seems redundant to me. Wouldn't it just be better to buy ten or twenty mags and pre-load them at home?

    Never mind I found a video that explains it well.
    Looks like a pretty easy way to load clips
  15. Here's how it works !

    The reason to have one (if it works) is
    A $29.95 Mag loader vs. $200 to $250 Magazines @ $15 ea.
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    [​IMG] The HKS magazine loader works perfectly with 995 magazines. Note how the bullet is pushed into the rear of the magazine.It's almost impossible to load all ten without it unless you are a 500lb gorilla.
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  19. No offense was ever intended by anybody here. Just relax. We try to be laid back and have a little fun, not get uptight and read into things more than what is there.

    Its already been mentioned in the thread now, but if you take a minute to use the search function you will find this informative and well written thread regarding the topic.