Which Mosin Nagant rifle is the best?

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  1. Which Mosin Nagant rifle is the best for the price? Accuracy, reliability?
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    m44 8) , ive had mine for almost 3 years i think. never had a problem with it , rarely clean it , dont do anything to it. it still fires everytime and accuracy isnt to shabby either.

  3. The Finnish MN,s are supposed to be the better rifles, but they cost more, you pay for what you get.

    As far as the russian ones, I think the MN91/30 may be a bit more accurate because it has a longer barrel, but the M44 and M39 are easier to manuver around and just as fun to shoot.

    If you pay for junk, that is what you will get, buy a decent one and it will do you right.

    You can get a really nice one of just about any of the common russian made ones for 125 or less
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    What's a good price on an M44 right now? I like the ATI stock but am worried that Mosin might issue a warning with repairs of the Mosin Nagant M44 with use of this stock! LOL! [​IMG]
  5. Depends on where you get it. If you pick one up face to face at a gun show, you might get it for 75 bucks.

    If you pick it up at a gun shop or buy it off of the internet, expect to pay more for the same rifle because of overhead and other fees
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    I lean toward the 91/30 hex...
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    Any MN that you own!!!

    Ok, on a serious note, the 91/30 would be the most accurate since it has a longer barrel, but the M44 carbine seems to be asking the least in price. Either rifle will go for about $100 bucks on average (But J and G has a smoking price on them! $59.00 for the 91/30 standard receiver, $79.99 for the Hex Receiver and $69.99 for the standard wood stock M44)
  8. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
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    Hex is the receiver made before the war when they had some time to do a nice job. Before they had to start just cranking them out. Here is a photo of a hex

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    just FYI, my 91/30 was made in 1939, before the war and i have a round low wall receiver. the hex receiver was only made 1930-1936 depending on which arsenal it came from.

    read this stuff:

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    The highest quality they list is "Excellent", but they're DAMN fine in comparison to what you can find these days at Big5! About on par or a smidge higher than my Girlfriend's laminate M44 from the ones I saw crossing the counter.
  14. If they are in excellent condition those are great prices.
  15. Dude, if it's a Mosin and you walk out the door with it for roughly $100.00, you have a damn fine rifle in your hands. Be thankful you got it and go shoot those deer. :D
  16. Coooo 8)
  17. That's not to mean that you don't want to check out the rifle, shine a light down the bore to look for pits/deposits etc... Do your homework, but chances are, you'll get a really good rifle for the money. I wouldn't trade my 3 Mosin's for anything.
  18. I will, I inspect every gun I hold in the pawn shop for quite a while 8)
  19. Also, if you have problems with the bolt sticking, have a gunsmith check the headspace for you. A good spot to look for more info is the MN forum.

  20. Will do.