Which rifle is the best?

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    ahh, this again? lol....
    I too own all three, and it still gets a chuckle..

  3. I've never had an AR, but have had two Mosins, and two AKs. It makes me laugh, too! :)
  4. I have all 3 of those too, and damn it if that's not the truth either.
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    ^ i was about to ask.. any truth to some of those comments?
  6. I've owned all of them.

    Bought a Mosin about 30 years ago when they were not common surplus. Didn't like it--so I didn't keep it. I think the biggest draw for them today is the low price and the cheap ammo--plenty good enough reason to buy one. Hell! I may buy another and I think the action requires a short club to operate reliably.

    I've owned a couple of AKs, sold 'em. Currently own a 5.45 WASR 2. It's a blast to shoot, ammo is cheap--I'll probably have this one a while.

    Currently have two ARs. They'll probably not be here long, but I've got plans for the next one. Of the 3, could I only have one the choice is easy--AR!



    Cameras DID exist then... :wink:
  7. Love mosin's, if I ever had $5000 to spend on just firearms you have no idea how tempted I'd be to get 100 M44's lol.
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    Dude you are now offcialy my hero...