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Which site do you use? Three Dot Sight or Ghost Ring?

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Hello All,

Have any of you tried out the ghost ring sight the guns came with?
I have been using the three dot sights and they seem just fine, but I am wondering if the ghost ring would be better? Just curious.
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Ghost ring
I've got the ghost ring on one .45, and standard sights on the other.. but there doesn't seem to be any noticeable difference in accuracy.
I have the three dot sights on it. I've been very happy with that setup, although next range run I'm going to try out the ghost ring. I have a feeling it'll be odd.
I use the ghost rings on my JCP and C9. They seem to work out for me a lot better than the 3 dot.
I love ghost rings on pistols. Ok maybe they aren't the greatest at fifty yards but up close they work great, at least for me. After I switched to it my shooting improved nicely. X
I use the ghost rings on my JCP and C9. They seem to work out for me a lot better than the 3 dot.
Are they pretty easy to install?
Yeah they're really easy to install, it only takes a couple of minutes. There are only the two adjusting screws that you have to deal with and you're good to go.
May be a silly question, but this is my first pistol...

When you switch sights back and forth is it necessary to sight in each time?
You will have to sight them in again but that isn't a real big deal either. When I put the ghost sights on both of mine it didn't take very many rounds down range to sight them in. I just found a steady spot to shoot from and eyeballed the shots from there.
Iron sights, I use Todd Jarrett's method and the ghost sight slows me down. Most people don't realize that the key to good pistol marksmanship is speed and repetition. Pausing to line up a ghost sight just doesn't make sense. Do a search of Todd's videos on youtube and take it to the bank the man knows his stuff. Also if you carry a pistol for concealment any protrusion is bad so yet another mark against the ghost sights.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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