Which target is the HiPoint-which is the Glock

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    I've have a C9 that I got in a trade for a bucket of Remington .22LR ammo. I did some custom work on it (to make it look better, not shoot better) and I enjoy shooting it. A couple of days ago I bought my first Glock...a 19 gen 3.

    I decided to take both to the range to do a comparison of the two 9mm guns.
    One has a great reputation and cost a lot...the other is a Glock :D

    I did 25 shots at 25' with each gun. Here's the pics of the 5 targets. Can you tell which target is the HiPoint and which is the Glock?

    BTW...not a single issue with either gun's 25 shots. I used Federal Champion ammo.

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  2. dirtroadrider

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    left-glock ~ right-HiPoint

  3. Browning 9 Guy

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    Tighter groups

    I agree. The tighter groups belong to the Hi Point.
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    Ya ain't it great? Always pisses off the Glock and Kimber guys when they get an eye full of my C9 groupings. But would I trust my life to the gun is what they usually say. I tell them them Hell ya if it jams I can beat the poor slob to death with it. Some nice groups there Rugerfan. Daveg
  5. Liberty

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    Right side is Hi-Point. I swear I've seen that Hi-Point before - love the oak grips. Barrel length on the Glock is 4.02 vs. 3.5" on the Hi-Point, which will give you the exact patterns shown. Tell me if I'm right.
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  6. RugerFan

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    Well guys the left target is my HiPoint and the right my Glock...but I think the point is there is, in this 50 shot test, no real difference between the two at 25'...at least for me.

    Well actually there is one pretty BIG difference. You can buy one for $150 or less and the other for $500 or more.

    As for reliability. The Glock has been flawless in the 100 rounds I've now put through it this week. My HiPoint has NOT been that reliable. I think I've had about 3 fail to feed problems...in about 1,000 rounds. I'll take that .997 % success rate!

    Yes...you've probably seen the pic of the oak grips before. Put those on about a year ago. Was a PITA to get the gun to work with them, but once I got all of the trimmings on the wood where they should have been it's been good.
  7. Liberty

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    Pretty sure any of the targets, if turned into a bad guy, would be DOWN. Great range report!
  8. undeRGRound

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    That is one Sweeet Lookin'

    Hi Point!