While we are talking about Home made guns:12GA made from hardware store goods.

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  1. All the Home made guns Perotter was posting got me itching to post this beauty I saw on reddit.com/r/gunnitrust competition this year.
    If you want to see more home made guns, or gun plans people are working on. including a working 3d printed 22LR revolver check out

    This is legal (maybe not safe!) but legal, and made from home made or hardware store materials.

    You tube video is just proof it works.

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZHpfUzbAzB4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    The write up on how it was all done, is pretty good and can be found here : http://imgur.com/a/N42xb
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  2. Damn youtube isn't embedding. here is the normal link.


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    There's lots online about this. For safety's sake, don't.
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    I agree entirely. This type of stuff is going no where except downhill. I simply see no good purpose in these videos.
    If I ever dared even post one of these home made gun videos on any of my other gun boards, it would immediately go "Poof" and I would hear why for certain.
  5. i dont understand why.
    Lots of people safely make home made guns. its called experimentation. and there is a reason these videos show them being shot with string clamped in a vice. but hey, its your life don't challenge yourself to make or create anything.
  6. its also good from a prepping side of view, in a SHTF event longer then a few years do you expect your guns to continue to function with no spare parts and thousands of rounds in real life or death scenarios?

    along with understanding how to make black powder, making the hardware for a gun is the next thing.

  7. Because they think that guns are made by elves in a hollow tree, in a magic valley where only unicorns are free to come and go.
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  9. The only other gun forum I belong to, we freely post details how to make primaries for primers(it's even a sticky) and how to make DIY smokeless powders. Has 10 times more members than this site.

    Who doesn't know how to go to the store and buy something? Don't need to get that info from a forum.
  10. Thanks for the links. Here's a picture of a nice Volkspistolen from over at gunlab.net. A guy made with only a small drill press, die grinder, cutoff grinder and welder.

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    Well, I saw that silly young kid on youtube with the 12ga pipe shotty,
    and it never blew up on him... Royal None-Such or something silly
    like that. He shoots it BY HAND, but prolly tested it with a vise, I hope!

    I would feel good about building a pipe shotgun, but I would put it in
    another sleeved section around the chamber. But I have experience
    with building things with pipes and conduits. My big hangup is TIME.
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    So go back to hanging out there and pay no mind to the revamped reloading room here at hpff.
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    Build at your own risk. Before you tell me I don't know enough to build one Per. I do and if you want to go ahead add it to your collection of bazooka's. Hope you never loss a body part. If you do post a pic. Can't be any worse than Kirks foot.
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    I built a working cannon in my sophomore shop class. How hard can a shotgun be?
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    Let's find out. Per you ever got that bazooka working?
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    NE Utah
    Very nice! Take $800 worth of tools, $20 in materials, and create a home made gun that's almost as good as a $90 HP!:p
  17. I have no complaints about this forums rule about not posting such info about component making here. Nor have I ever asked for a rule change in that area here.

    The post you quote was only pointing out that there are various rules for different forums.

    That forum is where I will continue to post such things. Unless a rule change is made here. First we could here, then we couldn't, then we could and now we can't. I makes no difference to me what rule is here. I just follow whatever the rule is and I won't send such info in "secret" for the reasons I've previously stated.

    I follow the letter of the law in all of my DIY projects, FWIW.
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    I'm considering building a 50BMG. I'm sure it will work safely, be accurate, fairly cheap, and practical to use. I was gonna suggest my design idea, but reading this that's a no no?
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    I rest my cheek on a keltec shotgun I'm pretty sure its built out of black pipe and polymer.
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    You must have missed the forum announcement opening up the reloading section for recipes and component discussions as well as tips tricks and gear for reloading.

    But like I've said before, all you do is act smug, tell people they are wrong, and direct them to go read something. All without posting a single useful bit of information.