white lettering on Hi Point JHP ?

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  1. OK, so I did the white nail polish thing to my Hi Point JHP.
    I liked it, but in the end, I didn't fall in love, so I removed it.
    I used "non acetone" nail polish remover, of course.
    I feel like I still have a slight hint of white left over on my slide from removing/rubbing.
    If I rub some more, am I risking my slides finish, even though I'm using non-acetone?
  2. ajole

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    Just get REALLY wet, and use something soft that will really reach in there, like a soft toothbrush or cotton balls, or something pointed but not "hard", like a toothpick.

    OR...re-do it with black or red!

  3. I feel like I have a minimal amount of white "smear" on the slide, from wiping in that area to remove lettering.
    The non-acetone nail polish remover isn't removing the black from my slide, right?
  4. Bamaboy

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    And do a little at a time over a few days even , this allows the non acetone remover to break the nail polish down.

    Or you could paint it another color, just sayin.
  5. Do you think that I could remove some of my slides finish, by over applying and or rubbing?
  6. ajole

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    Possibly, it depends on what you are using. That's why I suggested a toothpick to get into the letters without wiping out the surrounding area.
  7. No, the inside lettering is fine. I was thinking the area around the lettering still had some left over "white". My wife thinks I'm nuts and can't see it.
    Can y'all?
    I was wanting to rub the slide more, to remove more leftover white?


  8. ajole

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    NE Utah
    You should be OK. Scrub it in four or five different directions to get into every angle, not hard, just wet and vigorously.:p
  9. You don't think I can rub some of the finish off?
    And that the slight hint of left white, is just that... leftover white?
    It's not from me rubbing blue/blued off the slide?
  10. ajole

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    It's not blueing, it's a paint product, so you COULD be rubbing it off, depending on what you are using.

    You'll have to decide for yourself. I wouldn't think I'd get any white stuff way out there if I were doing it, but you know better that me what was there before.

    Maybe magnify it a LOT, try to decide if you are seeing white paint or the grayish Zamack under the paint?:confused:

    Another option...paint the whole gun.;)
  11. I have been using "non-acetone" nail polish remover.
  12. ajole

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    Since I'm not sure what that is, nor what the coating on the hi point is...that means nothing to me.

    Personally....I would have used acetone and been done in 2 minutes.:p
  13. sarahsmom

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    There are several old posts that state to only use non acetone polish remover because the acetone WILL take off the finish! FWIW I used the non acetone and it did fine! :what::what::what:
  14. I hear that! I read that. I watched tons of youtube videos and I made darn sure I used the non-Acetone stuff.
    I'll look at the slide tonight, when I'm home, and see if I can still see some white left over.

    Even though it's a $169.99 gun, and most think Hi Point's are ugly.. I love it and I think it's beautiful.
  15. I asked John of Iberia Firearms, and this is his response....

    If the finish on your slide is in good condition and the black factory finish it should hold up to the non acetone remover. I would not recommend using it on a hydro dip finish however.

    John Cole
  16. Dane

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    I could see the white on it. :)
  17. MachoMelvin

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    I have done the finger nail lettering many times with NO issues with the paint. I have had the same white issue as you on some guns. I think it was because I did not clean the gun well, before I started. Maybe try rubbing alcohol to clean the gun before you try it again?
  18. All is well. All of the white is finally gone, and it didn't mess with my powder coating at all. Gun looks sharp!