White Lives Matter Protest

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    Problem with this is that the existence of BLM or in this case White Lives Matter protests shows that we are regressing when it comes to equality. It's too bad because for a few years it really felt like racism was practically dead. Now it's right out front again, dividing the nation.

    Black Lives matter, White Lives Matter, either are simply proof that we don't see eachother as the same and that is not a good sign.

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    Yep, there's a nice group of folks "helpin" the cause.:rolleyes:
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    My son got into town last night, and over dinner he informed me that Jacksonville NC has moved past the "black lives matter" crowd, to the "black power" crowd apparently the black panthers are getting bolder there. Funny thing is him and his wife are both nervous about it, and they're a bi-racial couple..... So he's going home with my Taurus PT92, a snub nose .22 revolver, and his .22 rifle.
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    They 'ain't got much to worry about down there. Let them have a protest on a Friday night down there and see how that shakes out for them.
    I hung out there a bit 20 yrs ago or so and my contacts down there tell me not much has changed and if ya are feeling like ya want a "challenge" or 2 and want to test yer manhood there's a whole bunch of Marines out most weekend nights that would love to help. ;)
  5. It's amazing that the first black President set us back 40 years in race relations in under 8 years. But he did say he would fundamentally transform America in his inauguration speech. I predict if WLM gains any traction it will be vilified as the most racist organization since the kkk, while BLM get still get mainstream support

    Neither BLM nor WLM should exist. All lives matter
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    Like many others, The BLM protesters are guilty of the very thing that they are accusing others of, They are blaming ALL police officers for the alleged crimes of the few. Bigotry is not defined by skin tone or religion, The new Black Panthers and the KKK spout the exact same crap,Instead of the white race or black race, How about we ALL get together and fight for our nation? on seacond thaught, The nitwits who choose to protest by way of rioting, can stay the heck away. otherwise, If you are an American, You are my brother or sister!
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    Im kinda partial to the National Anthem and the Stars & Stripes :D
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    BLM is a hate group and should be subjected to hate crime laws.We are all equal in Gods eyes.
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    And they should know, as they are kinda the experts on hate.
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    Make that 50 years! Now we have public university's providing "Black Only" segregated dorms, as the some black students fear for their safety in the presents of white people. Martin Luther King has to be spinning in his grave..


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    yeah completely focusing on race every day makes it go away huh? Way to go Obama.
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    Stupid as this may sound eight years after, I did have high hopes for race relations in '08. Mandela he wasn't, but thing had cooled off pretty well. In '12 I was thinking "Welcome to 1968, suckers", remembering the Long Hot Summer and the 69 race riots. We're way past even that now. Very sad indeed.