Who else pumps iron?

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  1. I have been bodybuilding since the age of 13 and I think it's a great lifestyle, anyone else?
  2. I lift weights all the time, keeps me in good shape, and gives me something to look forward to that don't cost a fortune to do.

  3. Off and on since I was a teen. I always lift a little just to keep something on me. But sometimes Ill get in a routine and build up a bit.
  4. I work out 12 ounces at a time...tonight I'm working on the left arm :)
  5. griff30

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    2 times a week, nothing too heavy just for the rush of it.
  6. Not so much body building but lots of exersise almost all year. Until recently... Getting fat lol
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    Used to quite a bit as a kid when I was still playing football as a striker, but after the robbery at work when I was 22, I really slacked off (especially when I couldn't work out at all for over a year afterwards). Now, I'm still skinny but really just focus on flexibility. Keep telling myself to get back into it, but life always seems to be too busy for it and everything else I do :p

    But, I STILL have a hard time forgetting that I'm 50lbs smaller than I was before. Especially when it comes to lifting heavy stuff or attempting to ride a motorbike the same way I used to when I was 18. Usually ends up in pulled muscles :roll:
  8. i used to quite a bit. got older and let it go....now i don't do much at all.

  9. Yeah, I can tell you do Jones, lol.
  10. I took a weight lifting class for a phis-ed in college. I enjoyed it, didn't build a lot of mass or anything but thanks to fixing technique I took my mid thigh pull from 175 to 375.

  11. Dang, that's good. Im workin on upper body, my bench is 205 and my curl(curl bar) is 80.
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    I was into bodybuilding when I was in my mid-teens. I just got started into again a couple months ago.

  13. Good for you man, it's a healthy lifestyle.
  14. I'm not sure why but my bench press didn't go up more than 10 lbs when I was in that class. ::scratches head:: I never got above 180.
  15. I have some 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 hand weights I use to keep my arms nimble, but I don't lift in the sense of bench pressing or anything

  16. That's interesting, when I was in weight lifting in High School I never got abov 185 (serious). What's you height? Im 5'7, 180. and right now I am pushing 200.
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    Im 23 now as a senior in highschool our weightlifting class was pretty hardcore i went up 10lbs a week on my benchpress till i hit 305lbs. At the time I was about 180lbs. I work out now as well, but slacked off when I partially tore my MCL. My max is 330lbs and I weigh 185lbs. When I was running all the time I got down to 170lbs and my max was 330lbs. So gotta run again cuz I was CUT UP at 170lbs. 185 is ok but i gotta get the Beach body back...LOL...