Who else takes Hi point slams personally?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by lael522, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. lael522

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    How long till people stop ragging on this gun? It's a fine weapon that functions as well as glocks and 1911's but there's still so many haters and I try to ignore and go on but it just gets me sometimes.
    Who else out there does this bother too or is it just me?
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  2. cktvt

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    I can tell you that some people are thin-skinned and some are not. My house is nothing too exciting, I drive a crappy car, I'm fifty pounds overweight, about as handsome as Moe, Larry, or Curly, and my wardrobe comes from last summer's garage sales, so I'm accustomed to being dismissed as a nobody. So how people view my guns is a matter of complete indifference to me.

  3. planosteve

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    My only problem with most of them (the haters) is a majority of them have never shot one. So I ask them which one(s) they have shot. 99% will say none so I disregard them. Every single person that has shot my carbine has liked it, some have even loved it. I have to be careful around my niece as I think she wants to take it home with her. I am thinking about getting her a 995 in 3 years when she graduates high school. As for handsome I'm about a handsome as Larry, Moe, and Curry combined.
  4. I take rarely anything to heart from anyone. Im a very independant person and just give five monkey turds what anyone thinks. Im pretty nice and extremely giving, but can be a royal azzhole too.
  5. Rachgier

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    I tend to invite them to join me at the range. I've made a few converts over the past few years. I'll be converting one of the other Asst. Scout Masters and Jerry the local BSA Council Shooting Sports director here in the next few weeks when we hold another troop shoot. We were talking about what we were going to bring and I mentioned my 4095 and they went in to Glock fanboi mode, so I showed them a few pictures and now they can't wait to shoot it.
  6. MachoMelvin

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    John 15:18
    “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.
  7. mawguy

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    Look in the mirror and say the following:

    "I am completely independent of the good, or bad opinion of others."

    Feel free to tape it to the mirror. Now consider that there is you... and there is what you and others say about you. They are not the same, and many times, they are simply not true.

    I have a Sigma 40 cal, a Taurus PT709, and a HiPoint carbine. There are groups of people who love to rail against these weapons. If others don't like what I have, what's it to me. I am going to stop using what I like??

    Save yourself some grief and re-claim your power.
  8. ArmyScout

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    As long as you are happy with a firearm, why should someone else's opinion matter. If they badmouth a particular firearm, so what, it's not doing you any harm. Just consider them uninformed idiots and let it go at that.
  9. I was at a group shoot several years ago. Lots of guns around, pretty much everyone would invite you to shoot their stuff if an interest was expressed.

    One guy named Ed was shooting next to me while I was shooting my old JCP 40. He showed no interest in it at all. But talking I asked him if he ever shot a Hi Point. He said no. I offered him two magazines loaded and said go ahead and run the gun, He shot it, both mags. Told me it shot nicely and said he'd have to look into one.

    Found out later he worked for the DOD and is an operator. I have no doubt he was not looking into a Hi Point.

    The point is that for some people it is just as easy, probably easier to be nice than it is to be a dick and bash peoples stuff. I am sure he was not particularly impressed by the .40 but he was nice about shooting it.

    People could learn from Ed.
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  10. Dagwood

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    People suck lael!
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    It's late; I'm tired, so maybe it's just going right over my head, but WTH is "lael"? :confused:
  12. [/QUOTE]=cktvt;2155824]It's late; I'm tired, so maybe it's just going right over my head, but WTH is "lael"? :confused:[/QUOTE]

    I don't get the reference either
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    =cktvt;2155824]It's late; I'm tired, so maybe it's just going right over my head, but WTH is "lael"? :confused:[/QUOTE]

    I don't get the reference either[/QUOTE]

    Howdy Chromehorn; it's morning, I've had my coffee, and I still don't get it. :D
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    Hi point vs expensive

    One day at the range I was shooting next to a member with a Sig Sauer SSG 3000 with a probably 4/16x40 scope I was shooting better with my 995 with stock sights maybe that .308 was a little too much for him. I know accuracy takes practice , but it made me feel good to see my sub 300 dollar was right in there
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    Wow, it must have been late. Lael522 is the person that started this thread! OK, now make a fresh pot of coffee and slap yourselves a couple of times. jk:D
  16. It's 'mind over matter'. I don't mind because they don't matter. As long as I'm happy with it who cares what someone else thinks?

  17. I don't get the reference either[/QUOTE]

    Howdy Chromehorn; it's morning, I've had my coffee, and I still don't get it. :D[/QUOTE]

    Good morning! My hangover is gone and I still don't get it. Sometimes I miss the obvious though
  18. LMAO. I don't do coffee but have started the diet Pepsi intravenously and have begun the slapping. :p
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    I love my 995 carbine... Gave my .380 to a friend because I didn't like the feel... If it shoots (doesn't jam) and your groupings are tight then who cares!
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    OK, then who the hell is LMAO? The OP on a different thread? :p