Who has the best deal for a 995 range bag?

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  1. I've seen many tactical size cases/bag's for the 995 but some of the prices made my jaw drop :shock: . Has anyone found a good carrying bag/case for their 995? I have a red dot site, so I'm looking for something that would fit that, plus maybe 3-4 mags... The more bucks I save = more ammo.... :p
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    I have the same case...fits my 995 w/Reddot no problem...bit more snug with the ATI stock, but still works..big enough for my boresnake and 5 mags, too...
  4. Thanks Guys,

    I did some serious net searching and those bags were pretty nice, but the shipping is what killed the deal for me. I was able to find something at this site.. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/CASE020-2620-1840.html

    Total price with shipping cost me around $27.00.. :shock:
  5. Never hurts to check the Hi Point web site, their prices include shipping. I have 2 of their soft cases and they are very nice and made in the USA
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    I have that exact bag. I like it and you can't beat the price :lol:
  7. I'll look at the catalog when I get home...
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    Waltham41, any pics of the cases? I went to the hi-point site but couldn't find the cases. Thanks in advance.
  9. I can't find the catalog...rats.
    I just bought 2 last week so call them and maybe they'll let you have them at the same cost.
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    I scored an Unlce Mike's 'small' rifle case that just fits my new 995 with Red Dot installed. About $15.

    Using my tape measure it looks to be 42" long at 10" wide. Has a good sized velcro pocket that would hold several mags or a box of ammo.


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    I really wanted NOT to bring the new gun home in the cardboard box - lol - and the shoppe was having a sale on a couple cases. They also sell MANY cases that darn near cost what the 995 does! Since all I needed was something to hold it to and from the range in the back of my minivan
    I couldn't justify spending more than about twenty bucks. Any loose change in my meager budget needs to go to feed my hobbies, and these handguns are expensive diners. :wink: