Who loves America?

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  1. Strangerous

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  2. 46 of 51 perfect (DC is included)
    Score 90.19
    Average Error 13 miles
    Time 485 seconds

    It sucks when these things give you something like Kansas and you've got an empty map. My error was around 40 miles on that one, I think that's prettty close when there's no landmarks or other states near to go by.

    So--Do I love America because I'm good at geography?

  3. 46 of 51, score 90.19, avg error 25, time 287

    have to send this one to my friends.
  4. 84.31 average, error 28. But I think I got the really hard ones to place first.... no coastlines.
  5. Mike_AZ

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    45 of 51, score 88.23, avg error 22, time 711

    If they really wanted to make it difficult, they would clear the map each time.
  6. Total Score 84.31
    Average error 29 miles
    Time 294 seconds
    43 out of 51 perfect
  7. Not evn gonna try, I liked history better then geography.
  8. Total= 94.11
    Ave error=6 miles
    Time=324 sec
    48/51 states
  9. 45 perfect out of 51 turns
    Average error 11 miles
    Score 88.23
    Time 242 seconds

    I knew where all the states went, I just misplaced some of the early ones that were in the middle of the country (like Colorado. I'm a Colorado native. I know where Colorado is. I just didn't get it close enough to the proper location.). And I screwed up Alaska. Didn't get it close enough to where it wanted it. Sometimes, it will jump a long ways to be positioned correctly. Other times, you have to be precise. All in all, an enjoyable game.

    There were two that I really screwed up. DC and Delaware. Those two, I did misplace by quite a bit.
  10. 46 perfect out of 51.
    Average error: 10 miles
    Score: 90.19
    Time: 312 seconds

    It _is_ fun, though I think that the sequence of states is random. If it starts out with coastal states, you're in; if it starts out Colorado, Kentucky, South Dakota, you're toast :D
  11. 35 out of 51
    Score 60.62
    Avg error 71miles
    Time 499 sec

    The North East ate me alive on this test

    Darn Yankees LOL J/K
  12. Score: 90.1
    Error: 13 Miles
    Time: 501 sec

    Cool game. Not sure if it proves you're American or not...I could do just as well on a map of Africa or Western Europe (forget Eastern Europe, too many little countries!), or the Far East. Would that prove I'm a "good African" or "good european" (perish the thought)?
  13. Ok, I did it, knew I wouldn't do good, but did better then I thought. The north east whipped my butt.

    Scored 78.58

  14. Interesting that Strangerous has yet to dazzle us with his score.

    Come on fella'--you posted it, 'fess up, how'd ya' do?
  15. Strangerous

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    i love america.
    49/51 perfect
    avg error 4 miles
    354 seconds to complete.
    I repeat i LOVE AMERICA!

    and damn you nay-sayers. :)
  16. elguapo

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    My score: 84.31
    43 out of 51 turns.

    ...........but maybe that was beer muscle at work.....who knows :)
  17. urotu

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    86.27%, average error 22 miles, 317 seconds, but I have to say, it's a little rough when you're trying to place Iowa as your first state. I know were it is, I lived there, but I was off just enoug toget it wrong, rat bas... er I mean, some people.