Who's got the best prices on 995 mags?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Carpe_Jugulum, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. I only have 1 (2 after I get it back from repair) but I want several more.
    Who has the best price?

  2. ready33

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    Butt stock mag. holder

    Hello NDS. Where did you buy the mag. holder for your stock?I have a 4095. Thanks
  3. Hello ready33 and I'll welcome you to the forum in case I've not yet done so.

    My 995 was bought in the package described in this currently running thread:


    The rifle is not quite about half way down the page


    I bought mine a while back, and I've not seen a 4095 shipped with those accessories.

    It is handy though and keeps the magazines with the rifle. Also, I have a Red Dot on mine and an extra battery is tucked under the magazine holder so it's always with the rifle too.
  4. the link provided by nds.... hi points offers the best deal because their shipping is free, and you usually get your mags about 2-3days after your order... the 995 mags were $17.00 and the .40/4095 mags were $18.00...
  5. AndrewST

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    I would order them right from HP. They are covered under warranty and have free shipping.

    I have yet to find a better deal on mags for the 995.
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    What ever you do don't buy a 15 round promag. I did and it sucks. I just keep it around because it looks good it pictures.
  7. Domino

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    Wow, I never realized how much of a ripoff 995 mags were. 30 round PMAGS for my ar15 are only $14 with free shipping from AIM. Outrageous...Just another reason to get rid of my 995. It's for sale BTW in the classified section.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Get ALL the accesories at HP [even for 4095] You can't get a better then from them and they ARE warrentied from HP :wink: