Who's with me!!!

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  1. Pretty good buzz going right now (alcohol + nicotine), who's with me? :)
  2. I would if they werent calling me in to work tomorrow. Ugh. Sometimes I feel like walking out and starting anew.

  3. Oh heck I'm going to be deployed in the next few days for between 2 weeks to 2 months. Forget work, live for the night lol
  4. Rock on, rock on... lets see if we can break 20 posts lol.
  5. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    very much sober.
  6. No drinking here, has to wait for the weekend :(
  7. Strangerous

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    I have some rock and rye, but it is for any colds that creep up on me... the weather being hot one day, cool the next, cold for a day or two, then warm really messes with me...

    My father being an alcoholic, keeps me on a short chain when it comes to binge drinking... only done it a few times.

    BTW: I work 7 days a week, why shoot myself in the foot with low job performance while recovering from a hangover?
  8. Cool, I've got a bottle of Grey Goose in the freezer I've been dying to pop the cork on. I guess I was waiting for someone to turn the drinking lamp on. As for the nicotine, that's an everyday thing anyway. :|
  9. Heh. Well, time to hit the sack... ended up on the phone for 4 hours with a mad hot girl (sorry guys! I'll post a pic to make up for it). Didn't mean to ditch ya'll drinking buddies :).

  10. Sorry, was plastered, but playing WoW....

    Photo just loaded, that's a whole nother WoW right there!
  11. Strangerous

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    i always said anything more than a hand/mouthful is a waste...
  12. freedom

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    4095.. MAN am I green with envy.
  13. hey fanatic, that is hard on some of us older guys. thanks :lol:
  14. Certainly not my frame of mind!
  15. Oh well, most likely I'll have tonight off as well... hopefully the HPFF Drinking Club can have a better turnout lol.
  16. elguapo

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    That looks yummy!
  17. Plankowner mix that Goose 4-5 ounces with 1 ounce olive juice. If you have Vermouth mix in just a few very small drops. Shake over ice to chill and strain into a Martini glass. Plop in a couple olives and you will have the best Dirty Martini ever. I will pre warn you. They are highly addictive and effective. If you have a lady friend over they get the party started quick.

    Uuuummmm, can I get her number please?
  18. sure... it's 555-... wait a minute... hands off, she's mine! Actually, its pretty nice. She lived near me in MD, and then I moved to MO... and now she's moving here for a job lol. Works out rather nicely, eh?
  19. Ok... let's see where did I hide that bottle of JD...... :D