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A brief summation:

Silicon Wolverine wrote a review of the site's services (a brass trading site) where he was burned on a deal, and was pretty much ignored by the site admins because the other person involved was a "higher ranking" member. After writing a review of his experience, about a half dozen users from that site joined on here simply to post a pretty harsh criticism on many things. They insisted he apologize and that our site was not to be trusted because they felt HE could not be trusted. SW tried in vain to calmly explain what went down, but they outright called him a liar, and then criticized the site, it's users and it's administration. They demanded that we remove the article, and I told them I would not. The users from ammobrasstrader became less than civil after that...

Allegations of illegal shipping practices soon came to light from users of that site, and it was from that point that we in the Administration decided to distance ourselves completely from a site that has users who are possibly engaging in illegal shipping practices of shooting components or who have questionable feedback issues across the board.

THEN, they encouraged others from their board to come on here and spam us, insisting that we're causing them slander and continue to speak ill of SEVERAL members here. They occasionally still come on here from time to time.

When it comes to shooting components, it's something we do NOT play around with here. HPFF respects the Federal government and insist that all of it's users are in accordance with Federal law as citizens. To risk our reputation with ANYTHING other than the best in compliance is not in the best interest with the users who are on HPFF.
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