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How do you illegally ship brass?
the illegal shipping had to do with live ammunition and live primers. i had a ABT user request me to ship though the us mail and when i said "no, thats illegal" i was told it happens all the time there, and consequently had severla other users tell me the same thing. it is fine to ship empty brass through the mail but not any hazmat material. in further searching i found multiple ocasions of users shipping live ammo, primers or powder (and other offering to do so to save money) in flat rate boxes to skirt hazmat fees. when i called them on it i was shouted down as an "alarmist" and "why not, we'd never get cuaght".

oh and the site admin started playing with post counts, dates and other account infomration to make his side look good. he also posted my personal contact information inclduing name and address on open forum without my permission.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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