why buy a hi point when you can own a s&w ? heres why

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  2. +1 on Hi Point, the answer was non surprised. Hi Point have the best cs in the market. and s&w, while they make great firearms, seem a bit cool of knowing what happen to one of their product but refuse any kind of help. i hope that guy can can restore that 19.

  3. You have to love hi points customer service.
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    im just really upset that if i pay $800 for a Kahr or Sig.. i cant get the same warrenty or service.
  5. Awesome that the fellow is restoring his buddies gun. Although I like S&W I'm not too impressed with their lack of compassion. Sadly that type of response has become the American Way.
  6. What??? A $800 gun that the company won't provide warranty service??? Tell me it isn't so!!! :eek: :) :D :lol:

    What??? A $150 gun that the company will provide warranty service for any generation of owner??? Happy days are here again!!! :eek: :) :D :lol:
  7. Or perhaps you should buy a Glock. As the link states he oiled the Glock and cleaned it up a bit and put it into service :wink: I agree that Hi-Points have a good warranty but most companies wouldn't fix something under warranty after it has been in a hurricane / flood. I don't really fault S&W for that.
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    i own s&w's and am not putting them down,just praising hi point for standing behind their product.if i send my s&w model 38 in for refurbishing
    do you think it will be free?or if the frame cracked? the 1 yr warranty is long over so i would be screwed :( what about hi point or keltec ? :D